Possible Gears Of War show

Hey, guys. I haven’t had a topic of substance in months, until now.

There may be the chance to have Gears get a broader audience with mediums the franchise hasn’t been in… yet.

So, the topic I bring forth is: What could the Gears Of War show be like?

I have a couple of scenarios in mind:

  1. The show could be from the perspective of the Stranded, presumably from Franklin’s perspective. Personally, I’d expect it to be in the vein of The Walking Dead.

  2. The show could be from Oscar’s perspective, detailing his story leading up to Gears 4. I’m thinking something like this: It’s a war show that takes Oscar through the Pendulum Wars, the Human-Locust War, or both. From what I can tell from early on in Gears 4’s campaign, Oscar is more of a physical laborer. So, I’d expect Oscar to have second thoughts about the DeeBees, or have a more… elaborate scene that shows us how Oscar retired from the COG.

Well, the networks would have to be Syfy, AMC, or a joint effort between the two networks to have either Gears shows (or something similar) be broadcasted on their streaming services.

Don’t know much to say about the idea itself… but I can say something about this in particular. Oscar doesn’t seem to be particularly fond of the DBs.

Taken from a conversation started up by Oscar between him and JD in Settlement 5 while stealing the fabricator im Gears 4 during Act 1.
O- “[…] all the loyalty I’ve ever had for the COG’s been punched out of me. Still, breaks my heart to see Jinn rely on a bunch of glorified tin men.”

JD- “Heard a couple of spots recently opened up in the Officer corps. You could always re-enlist.”

O- “No thanks. I’m more of a shoot than salute kinda guy.”

Seems pretty clear to me where he was at in the military and what his stance on the DBs is, even if it doesn’t go into detail.

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The fanboy in me is yelling out “Yes! Yeeesssss! I want a Gears tv show!”

The realist in me sais, “meh”, simply because tv shows normally don’t have the necessary budgets to make good CGI/action scenes on a regular basis. To make it work, they would need to focus on a period where conflicts/full scale wars isn’t at the forefront of the story, and focus all their efforts on the narrative between characters and make it “soap opera-ish”. But that to me will make it less Gears-ish and more Days of our lives featuring CoGs, which is a nah from me.

It could be interesting, sure, but I would rather see a Gears movie with a huge budget with amazing CGI/special effects and so many explosions that it’ll make Michael Bay sh.t his pants, along with a good story of course.

I mean you never know they might decide that Gears 5 will be the last game and Gears 6 will be a movie…
They will do several different releases of it with various small cosmetic changes and charge an arm and a leg depending on the version you want

Well, the movie is being made by Universal, last time I checked.

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