Possible bug with Incon campaign- things to try?

Yes, I know, fill out a support ticket… But just want to see if anyone in the community has a suggestion of something to try so I potentially fix it myself and/or submit a ticket with more useful info.

Finished my Inconceivable campaign run yesterday, but I did not unlock the achievement, it is stuck at 93%. Considering there are 15 chapters, that means I’m not getting credit for just 1, right?

I was working on the Incon run Tuesday night when the server issues were going on. During that time, I got kicked to dashboard (Gears completely crashed) a couple times but was able to relaunch and resume from checkpoint. However, when I got to the cutscene following the choice at the start of the last chapter, the game crashed back to dashboard. Relauched, reloaded, and it recrashed. Tried a few more times and gave up when I saw there were server issues.

Before starting last night I checked the progress and it was at 93%. I completed the last chapter and it crashed to dashboard during the final cutscene. I relaunched and reloaded, finished again and got through the cutscene but no achievement and no progress on the %.

I restarted the console and then launched Gears 5 again and went to start/load a new game using chapter select. All 15 chapters show I completed them on Incon. I loaded a new game on the last chapter on Incon and re-beat it, but still no achievement and no progress change.

I can’t think of anything else to try or check before putting the ticket in. Anyone got tips or suggestions before I escalate it to TC?

The only other thing that works for me is clicking guide button. Going over to achievements tab, click on see all achievements and go into gears 5 achievements

Worth a shot. I’ll give it a try later