Positive news about the ranking system issues, weapon tuning, matchmaking and more

It’s nice to see how much of a priority the various issues have been given. I appreciate this info TC.

It’s nice to know what you are actively focusing on and how highly you rank their importance to fix. :+1:


Full details including more info on the above is available here: https://www.gears5.com/status - I highly recommend reading it, it contains a wealth of information.


It’s all good to hear even if they’re still fairly vague, but good news is better than bad news.

I just want to be able to play on servers actually close to my region :crossed_fingers:


I’m just shocked that they’ve basically finally admitted to all the issues we’ve mentioned.

I’ve edited the post to add more info since you posted.

I can’t wait for the weapon tuning changes also.

Looks like they finally lost enough players to admit defeat and give in to our valid requests


I can’t remember, how long did it take for them to make major changes post launch for Gears 4?

I’ll believe it when I see it but at least they acknowledged it all. Hope there’s more news in the coming weeks.


I can’t recall either

Is this a description of TC’s condition when they created the current ranking system?


:rofl: that was a good one


That’s good to see and good one for posting and doing octus’s job for him.

I’m worried by the lancer tuning though. The issue is the maps with the massive sightlines and the abundance of highground.
Changing the lancer around wont fix this.

LMFAO at the markza being mentioned for tuning again. Like where the hell are they finding this urgent feedback about the markza? In its last change there was a low number of complaints on twitter only.
Why waste their time again?


FINALLY. Some communication with important issues.

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My guess is data from high ranked/pro players.
Markza can be scary.

This is good news i think :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the link

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Lmfao thank you

They post this on the day Modern Warfare and Outer Worlds come out lmao


I like that they are basically admitting that:

  1. Our ranking system is not working and is basically completely broken.
  2. Our matchmaking quality is poor and not working properly.
  3. Our weapon balances are out of whack and need to be adjusted.
  4. Our in game network connections are poor.

While I appreciate them acknowledging these things and telling us they are working on them… These aren’t things you should be just figuring out almost 2 months after release. This is why this game needed another six months of development time. They are struggling just to bring the game up to what should’ve been the initial release day quality.


Boo f…king woo. Fixing stuff yeah yeah…more like undoing the shlt they created and how the f…k they going to fix
movement and maps.


yea they could have done like the last of us 2 they moved the launch date to may now cuz its not to their liking or how they like the game to be

i just seen this lol nice of you to add it on here .

Exactly. The Last of Us 2 delayed launch to make sure the quality of the game was up to their standards and the standards of their customers. So did Doom Eternal and Cyberpunk.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the money grubbing corporate suits at Microsoft were pushing this game to release, but I find it hard to believe that nobody at TC stood up and said “umm but this game isn’t ready, we really need more time to get this thing right”. They had to have known about some of these issues prior to release.