Positive feedback on gnasher change

I just now did 3 Ranked KOTH matches after the PVE Gnasher glitch was fixed, and It has me excited.

  1. I was able to make people…MISS!
  2. Wall-bounce was more effective
  3. Strafe was more effective,

Def a move in the right direction, however the gnasher is still pretty OP.


Really glad they addressed these issues. They still have to sort out the 99 in 1 crap, then ranked might be more than a random mess

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Well I admit when you make them miss you can get the kill, but if they hit you at all you are still dead fast. If they toned down the damage I would be happy. Make a gib be a close range thing (0-3 feet)

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So they have finally improved this?

Yes they have , the PVE gnasher issue.

Thought the same the first two matches, then played escalation and was shooting 97-99% at least 2 times per round, it was beyond frustrating.

Yesterday I played 3 escalation matches and it felt fine, it just amazed me how frequent this 99% issue got in this match, I sincerely hope it was just a bad game, but this is the first time it has happened so much to me.

Great way to put it. One of my gripes with this game is I have been nowhere near as good as I was in GOW4 at making people miss or just having a feel for how to dodge shots. Cover is pretty much mandatory.

I have noticed an improvement myself but it’s still got a ways to go IMO.

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Yeah TU1.5 patch seems a step in the right direction as far as gnasher battles go. Fact remains, if you leave cover you get mowed down by lancers and everything else (except the boomshot) way too fast.

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