Popshot should reward accurate players

The reticle on the longshot takes too long to close so it’s not very easy to headshot off the run. How else am i supposed to kill 4 people hard aiming me at one time? Stop and hardaim them back? That doesn’t usually end well…

I hip fire 90% of the time unless I’m drunk.

Pop a smoke and handle it.

I’ve been ok with the reticle closing. If you pop an active and you’re truly lined up, it’s going to land. I have plenty of times when it’s not closed but it lands, even not-active.
What I don’t want is for it to require no ADS, so we end up with everyone putting a piece of tape on their screen and just no scoping-people from behind cover all day. Having a little inaccuracy when you’re not sighted in is ok with me.

The thing I don’t like is that in some character models (esp swarm) it’s unclear where the kill zone of the head is and where the partial areas are. When something like an Armored Kantus is moving it’s easy to misjudge the center of that big head and mane.

Also, some of the movement animations are so jerky that it’s a little tough to predict movement but that’s more a minor, personal annoyance.

I have a suggestion.
Options > MP HUD: Off.
This will remove aiming reticule.
You won’t have to complain about reticule taking too long to close.
Real skilled players have no reticule on their screen. :muscle:
And they perfect active reload off by heart. :black_heart:
Most montagers don’t do this. :-1:

I’m definitely skilled enough to play without a HUD, but the bullet doesn’t come out at a consistent point on your screen. I’m accurate, the mechanics make the gun inaccurate. I’ll try it out though, maybe it will help