Pop quiz, hotshot: Identify these map locations (Where's Wallin? edition)

Think you know your Gears multiplayer maps? Take a look at the below screenshots of our favorite big rig driver. Unlike Waldo™, Dizzy is easy to spot. Instead tell me which map and where on it? The pictures can come from any map or multiplayer mode in GoW 2-5 (not 1, since Dizzy wasn’t a multiplayer character yet :wink: ). There are 5 maps from each game in random order.

The first person to correctly guess all the locations gets… nothing but Internet proof he/she played the series way too much. :slight_smile: If there are partial/crowd-sourced responses, people can score themselves:

  • 1 point for correctly naming the game number
  • 3 points for correctly naming the map
  • 6 points for correctly describing where on the map (in relation to some landmark, map label, weapon, etc.)

for a total of 200 points. If you’re a time-delayed reader and you ignored others’ posts in order to guess solely for yourself, please indicate that (we’re on the honor system lol ) so you can get “equal” bragging rights / pats on the back / "Outstanding, hoo yeah!"s.

Co-credit for this quiz to @SnubbbS who’d had this basic idea independently.





















P.S. Compiling this reminded me that we can’t shoot Dizzy’s hat off anymore. :frowning:


I wish more people on these forums put even a fraction of thuis effort into their own threads.


The ones that I can answer with a relative certainty…

1 : Raven Down, the little garage thingy close to where one of the frag spawns is in Versus, iirc. Judging by Dizzy’s model appearance, the Gears 4 version? Spent some time in there when people used it as a setup for Horde…

5 : Canals, the walkway below the “Fortress” area on the map to the right/left of either spawning area respectively, leading up into it(or the bridge overlooking in/out of spawn).

9 : Tricky… can’t really name or make out anything distinguishable. Best guess would be Fallout or Forge from 4 based on visual asthetic and night time lighting. If Forge, probably close to the control room where you have the roaster button. The more I look, the more it reminds me of that, anyway.

12 : Training Grounds, left/rightmost edge of the map(viewed from the spawn toward middle of the map). Where a Boltok or frags spawn in Vs iirc, leads up to the EMBAR/Longshot spawn. Or out of it, since the shot is taken looking out of the map itself.

17 : Impact, the spot that takes you down into the Condor wreck through one of the holes in the hull if you go right/left after taking the stairwell out into the open area, instead of the overhead cover spot where dual Longshots would spawn(as well as a Torque Bow or Dropshot alternated in the mid right/left?). Recognized it because of the little window, and that broken spot in the wall you always needed to point a sentry at in Horde to discourage pesky flyers from camping it.

20 : Looks like Dawn? Honestly can’t make out where the location is, though. Best guess would be the back of tower up at the top that overlooks the Drop spawn and has a Torque Bow half of the time in Versus(if not all the time, I don’t know the spawns that well).

Yes my submission is not even half complete but isn’t it obvious I never played Gears 1-3(and J) MP?

I put a spoiler tag before my answers, they’re definitely not all correct.

1. Gow4 Raven Down - New Unlocked area directly across from Crackhouse.

2. Gow2 UnderHill, I have literally no idea if I’m even on the right game let alone map.

3. Gow5 District, I’m not even sure if it’s district but I can’t think of where else even looks like that. If not for Dizzy I would’ve said Depths

4. Gow4 Drydock, our callout for was this ‘Control’ — it’s right outside of good-side spawn, there’s a boltok there, inks used to spawn forward and to the left.

5. Gow5 Canals, water stairs.

6. Gow2 Pavilion, mortar room

7. Gow5 Theatre of Dreams(War Room). The spawn point next to incens.

8. Gow2 Flood, looking from badside into the hill area(I have no idea).

9. Gow4 Forge(good variant), cog spawn side home hill.

10. Gow3 Rustlung, Bowl. Standing on the locust spawn side, nades to the left, control to the right.

11. Gow3 Clocktower, bad side host spot. The area is called ‘Line’ to the left is secondary, further left is mid pillar, left and back is jail, and to the right is downlow.

12. Gow5, Training Grounds. Cog spawn plat.

13. GowUE, Mansion inside. I have absolutely no clue, I don’t even think I’m on the right game. This looks like a bigger version of Crackhouse on Tomb, it also looks like Mausoleum in UE.

14. Gow2 Jacinto, goodside/cogside/right hand side nade-tower.

15. Gow3 Thrashball, hall/grenade hall. Fun story about this map in esports, in the beginning people mostly did 3-1 up top, or 2-2 — and then a team figured out that 4 low was the best strat, and then another team figured out that the best way of playing 4 low was to send 3 (or sometimes 4) players to grenades. So you routinely as in every round, had 2-3 players per team bouncing down that little hallway into a smoke fight. It’s one of the most hilarious fights in the entire franchise — and you almost couldn’t do anything but fight it.

16. Gow3 Hotel goodside/locust side torque stairs.

17. Gow4 Impact homehill stairs/baby stairs, the mirror side spot is called tires. I’m pretty sure cog spawns on this side.

18. Gow2 Fuel Depot, UNPLAYABLE-side grenades

19. Gow4 Avalanche Spawn. This looks like so many spots all at once — it looks like the gow4 hotel incens, most of all it looks like Gow4 highside Old Town spawn. Somehow I don’t think it’s any of them.

20. Gow4, something. I can’t think of anywhere on any map that looks like this. I didn’t even think that Dizzy was in Gow4, but I can’t ever remember seeing anything like this in Gow5.

edit: I didn’t read the explanation in the post that it was an even split between games, nor that GoWUE wasn’t an option lmao.

Only one im having trouble with is #2. I know its Gears 2 from the aesthetics and the ammo count but i have no idea what it is.

Fuel station?

I cant find it. Its not Fuel Station, Under Hill, Security, Flood, Avalanche or River. I looked everywhere. Lol

lol I thought about firing shots or picking up ammo to obscure that but I realized I could hide the HUD completely in all the other games, so there’d be no point as the obvious odd one out.

I’d give you a hint, but if you’re actually running around the game looking for these then that’s a far better memory crutch than anything I could give. lol I can guarantee if I’d moved the camera just slightly you’d recognize it quickly.

Ah, brings back memories of good maps.

Though it’s redundant answering now since others already have, good post.

FWIW, nobody has posted or PMed me them all correctly yet. If you want the public leaderboards, by my calculations so far we’ve got:

  • @SnubbbS has 155
  • @AmicableWall421 has 56-58 (didn’t state which GoW versions, but it technically didn’t matter for some of them since they’re single outing ones).
  • @eviljas247 has 4 points (so there’s the hint Koty wanted :slight_smile: ).
  • @RelaxingKoty officially has 1 point, and claims to have 191 lol

I feel like every single game has a slightly different visual accent that makes them all easy to spot almost right away though.

All of them besides 2 are very easily recognizable. I just have no idea about 2.

I mean, I only really recognized the maps/variants from Gears 4 and 5 so with the exception of Raven Down and Canals, I don’t think I strictly needed to mention it.

(Also I did mention it once, at least.)

#3 is the lounge area in the hidden arcade room on District after you shoot the signs out to open the doors.

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Don’t worry, I graded generously. :slight_smile: Canals and Dawn are the two that are in both 4 & 5 and that need specifiers. And they do actually differ between the two in the pictured locations (there’s a good reason why you got the latter and SnubbbS did not :wink: ).

Disagree. Turning around in spawn and clipping a pic isn’t rocket science. That said I enjoy these posts, but certainly not a gold standard.

Regarding difficulty, it’s not what Pepper meant. The method of creating the post with images is simple. But given the size of it, it’s certainly time consuming and thus requires effort.

I like it.

But I won’t disagree it pales in comparison to the Gold Standard you refer to, commonly gifted to us by @telekinetix.

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Never said it was rocket science. Comparative to other threads it took a bit of time and thought (loading up different GOW games and maps, taking and posting the pictures). Many people don’t even think before they post, they just sort of… react and splurge their wacky emotions.

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You’re probably right but I can’t notice it — the only esports map I didn’t instantly get was #17 (Impact) and that’s because I thought it looked like one of those Gow3 DLC maps that start with A — Aftermath I think.

Im sure the pic at no2 is taken right below the stairs that leads to the flamer, through the doorway you can see the pathway the takes you to the room with the lift and if you were to take a right im sure you would exit to the frag spawn.