Poor State of the Game

Look coalition. This is VERY simple.

If you release a single item without first fixing your servers you simply do not care about your player base. Why do you think you only had 72 watchers at a time in your “pro” stream?

I’ve supported gears since gears 1, but I simply can’t defend what you all are doing.

Take a step back. Realize people are unhappy. Like you are charging us to level up twice as fast (100% boost) and that is probably the greediest thing I have ever seen in any video game ever. You are charging iron to let people represent their country?

Think about all the things you are doing that is pushing your community away. Fix that.

Literally EVERY GEARS FAN would rather you fix the game before releasing a single piece of content. We can hardly play the game without “disconnecting” from gears servers.

Take a step back again. Show some simple appreciation to the gamers. Fix the game.

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Hello there!

Looks like you’re new to the internet. Let’s take a quick stroll through Gears 5!

As you can see to your left, Gears 5 operates on Microsoft’s Azure Servers. Amazing! Technology is so cool.

If you have any questions, please contact Bill Gates because he is pretty bored since retiring and he could honestly use the company.

DEAD :joy:

If u can see me, and if u can, if i may, why wld Gates care about ANYTHING rn? Does he OWE a public service ontop of creating Windows? Not on no ones side but the customer service was almost swift :joy:

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Funny but many azure games work great… Gears of war and gears never has sadly