Poor performance and GW502 errors on PC

I just got this on steam. I am getting poor performance and GW502 errors, which leads to crashes. I have an i5-3570, GTX 1070 and 16 GB ram. My graphics drivers are up to date, and I’m not getting this problem in other games. What’s going on?

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It happens since the game was launched

They’re more interested in put WWE characters that they don’t fit with Gears universe and procrastinating rather than fix the damn game.

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Same problem here, also GTX 1070 and no problem with any other games, but constantly GW5ß2, even in cutscenes!
And please don’t reply with upgrade drivers or reinstall game, it’s of course the latest Nvidia driver and the latest version of Gears 5 from the Xbox app for PC.

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I’m tired with this but I know they’ll never fix it.

same problem here too. my game crashes every 3 hours