Poor game management. And neglect for ranking

The consistency of the gnashes is still a joke your ranked match is far from even on rank match up. Had MVP with 5 games in a row lost all 5. 60% of the time the shots don’t even register with on top of that your ranked lobby’s dissolving going in an endless match up loop unable to quit or counts as a loss. Or the constant lag spikes with throwing silver against diamonds I mean lol what the hell. I can’t rank up because the highest I get is gold vs a team of diamonds fix your game! I bought around $200 with the pass and packs since the game has been released Hoping hey I support them they will pay attention to the game. I was wrong my bad. I won’t be buying your future game and will detour the others from as well. I have stood by the franchise since one and have brought roughly 30 people to gears 4 and in turn they brought people but I’m done. Done supporting done giving any good reviews .

Instead my new review is terrible community no dedicated servers . The hit detection consistency is so bad you can fire a shot eight times at someone with a shotgun point blank and you’ll get one shot in or it will say you didn’t hit them at all. Terrible ranking system places bronze against diamonds and stacked teams against teams with guests with it being a ranked match. The game runs purely off of somebody else’s host which 95% of the time you will not be able to connect to properly resulting in enejoyable and terrible game play. This is a game you should wait to rent and if you do buy wait for a very steep sale as this game is nowhere near a $60 value .

In short fix your poor excuse for servers and hit detection as I am not the only one experiencing this poor unattended gameplay. While also actually doing proper match pairing .

aww did I upset the little weak baby?

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you don’t but other people do care

uh no, i’m just saying, nobody cares.

But that’s simply not true.