Pondering about Uzil Skraak's armor

With Uzil Skraak making its way to Gears 4, something has got me pondering. Unlike previous locusts, Uzil Skraak’s armour doesn’t seem to be your your typical locust armor even if he is an elite . In my view it doesn’t even to be made by Locusts at all, to me it seems more like a human (perhaps Adam?) designed that armour because it seem to have that space man/human esque look to it if anything rather than look anything that as a locust look to it.

I’m not a lore person myself but things like this makes me appreciate and wonder the finer details of character designs.

Anyway, keen to hear your thoughts on Skraak’'s armor, do you feel the locust actually designed/made his armor or perhaps it was designed by humans?


Never actually thought about that but now you mention it, it does look more COG issue than Locust type Armour.

Interesting to know if there’s more behind this story!

Indeed, for me I feel it’s the locust variant of Marcus Gears 1 armour which is specifically designed for Uzil Skraak.


It kinda look like a juggernaut or tank-like armour, possibly bulletproof, explosive and blade proof.
The character was massive than RAAM with sheer physique, the armour could be really heavy and defensive for higher ranking Locust.
I think it was simple a custom made Locust armour, with thick layers of metal.

Could just be custom made due to his size in general

The way the emblem is placed on the forearms also adds credence that the armor was tailor made for someone of his size. Furthermore, it shapes to his silhouette rather nicely and the design appears to have been carefully crafted, certainly fitting for such an individual within Locust Hierarchy.

Still, its appearance does share some resemblances to Human armor and I’m thinking that maybe it was reverse engineered. After all, the hollows were used as a dumping ground for old equipment by the COG for decades so its not a stretch to believe that after the Locust were spirited to Kadar, they occasionally dropped upon hidden COG (or UIR) caches and used them as a basis for their own technology.

It almost looks custom made. Because things that look similar to UIR armor is the shoulder guards and the the upper chest design. Going down to his torso region the belts are tightened similar to a corset. Shraak does not really need to do wast training but rather to keep the under armor tightly in place while he runs or does any movements. So while he is running his under armor does not snag on the outer armor so it does not hinder movement. I find the collar region the most interesting it is almost like it is meant to have an apparatus such as a helmet. Kinda like an astronaut dome. Though it also could be designed that way so that Skraak’s could have unhindered head movement, It is possible bits and pieces are inspired by COG and UIR designs but I believe Uzil Skraak much like in the comic only wants the best of everything. So no doubt he would want his armor to be the best for his requirements of kicking butt.

Honestly, I don’t know if I’m a fan of it. It’s got a Gears 4 style to it, where it’s sleek metal plates with the lights here or there. If you look at JD’s armour in GoW4, it’s got the same design philosophies.

I think it’s missing the roughed up look that the previous games used to have. Maybe even bits of cloth or leather. GoW4 seems to rely on cleaning up the design to where it looks too sterile almost.

what if Skraak built his armor from the COGS that he killed as a way of showing off his trophies (like how General Grevious kept the lightsabers of the Jedi he killed) i know Skraak’s armor doesnt look like COG armor but he could of changed it too fit him

Without a doubt it’s definitely custom made, but don’t think it’s explosive proof because I believe he dies by torque bow from the back

It’s definitely looks custom made but for me it doesn’t follow the usual locust designs.

Nice analysis, I wouldn’t be suprised if they did repurpose OG / UIR technology for their own purposes. I think this sounds more plausibpe than a human designing his armor to fit him.

I can also see this happening, the way I see it he could have salvaged COG / UIR armour technology and repurpose it to suit his news. Using his enemies armour against them to his advantage.

I actually don’t mind this design, since it’s actually different from what we seen but I do agree to an extent it needs to have some roughed up look.

Interesting view, it’s a good way to show his dominance and hatred for humans. But as I said, he probably salvaged their armor nd repurposed it for his needs.

All in all, great responses so far guys.

It’s important to note that SRAAK was a high ranking Locust prior to the Locust civil war, and the war with the Lambent. It’s likely due to this that his armor is better crafted. Being in a high rank before the Locust were desperate likely allowed for a more regal appearance.

To me it doesn’t look very Gears Of Warish…i thought it looked like futuristic football armor when i first saw it

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