Poll: Who likes the Gears 5 cover?

Well, looks like it is official, and the cover that was leaked a few weeks back is the official cover (at least at this point)
I personally think that it is mediocre at best


I like it. I might be looking into it too much but it could also be symbolic for the conflict within Kait.

Watch out man, the Model might come on here and start with you again. But to answer the question, I am not a fan of it. I don’t like Kait…yet at least.


The cover art is :fire:

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Aside from Kate being ugly, the cover art is lame. Extremely boring in comparison to Gears 1-3.

Also the bright red on white background is unsettling.



It’s literally a picture that will be on a box that I’ll never own.

It has no real reflection on the game anymore.

Look at Halo 3’s Box Art.

Anything special?


Look at other games.

Sure, some will look good and others not so good.

From the picture, it throws up some interesting things at least.

But it’s still just a picture :sweat_smile:


Which is a point I also tried to bring up on the thread where it was shown. It’s just a cover art for the box, and it doesn’t affect the game much more than omitting the “of War” part from the title of Gears 5, which a lot of people were also unhappy about when people were already just naming games in discussion as Gears 1, 2, 3 purely for simplicity. The franchise hasn’t changed names either so I didn’t see what the fuss was all about.

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I like it!

I can’t say I like it, but it looks totally okay.

The white shows it’s winter theme, ice and snow.

The gears logo palette has always been either black, white and red.

The red colour gives an impression of blood, gore and even one of the main gears colour palette. It could even mean the impression of bloodshed because it’s right at the bottom center.

And with the mountain + skiff background, I think the red colour filter looks okay. I mean, can you imagine another colour filter? White would make it difficult to see. Black would make it look like night time, too dark.

So it seems fine. It could surely have been better.

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My thought on seeing it was it reminded me of the old cartoons with a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other (though probably an archangel in Marcus’s case).

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I was getting the feeling Marcus will have some significance in whatever happens to Kait in Gears 5… partially because of how he reacts towards her in the trailer. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’d gotten closer in the time between 4 and 5. Partially because Marcus has been in her situation, both when a loved one was at risk and when he lost people he loved(Dom, Adam). So he’d understand what she’s going through and support her through it.

The way he’s positioned in the cover art would almost make it seem like he will have some role to play in 5. Whether that’s a good thing or not remains to be seen.

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Having Myrrah on the cover seems like an odd choice to me. Its no secret what her significance to the story might be, but it still feels a little spoilery.

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That’s part of the reason I didn’t agree with people’s view that Kait was terrible because of her actions in 4. She more or less did the same thing as Marcus prior to his imprisonment.

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Same. But apparently being an established character makes those actions more acceptable somehow.


I like it :slight_smile:

I would’ve loved to see Kait in prison for her actions but Marcus revealed to us in the previous games that he accepted his sentence.

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Because it is, Kait was only in one game with not much development but not immune to being judged while everyone else that has been in multiple games has had time to grow and whatever problems they had should already have been understood at this point. Yet somehow you can’t seem to grasp that concept because you wanna keep white knighting for Kait whenever someone shows their disliking towards her.


I really like it. Enough for fans to tell a direction for the campaign, but not enough to spoil what lies a few short months ahead.

And you can’t seem to know when to stop trying to argue on a moot point. Don’t bother responding, I have no interest in getting into another debate with you because they just don’t lead anywhere between us two. I get more enjoyment watching the thunderstorm raging outside.