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Poll: Who is in favor of the stricter quit penalties?


From my point of view, and past experience (though, I thankfully have not been booted from a game since the new penalties were implemented) it would seem like they are a disaster. Everyday, there is at least half-a-dozen threads complaining about unfair suspensions, as opposed to zero -I repeat- zero, threads making the opposing claim. And, as far as I am aware, there is no main thread on the subject.


(Duffman GB) #2

I know i am absolutely tempting fate here but in getting on for 3000 matches (95% in Ranked) I think I have been suspended maybe 2 or 3 times and the last time was well over a year ago.
Sorry, no great help just thought I would mention.

We both know I will be on here later moaning about getting a long and unfair suspension!!!


Hahaha! I myself haven’t been suspended in quite some time, but I do feel for the people who are here every day complaining about it.

I could be wrong. Maybe everyone loves them, and they have helped get rid of quitters, I just don’t think that’s the case

(Bleeding Pepper) #4

I don’t play enough Versus so my expereince isn’t gonna be representative. I experience desolved lobbies maybe 1 in every 20 attempts that result in a suspension. I dunno if that’s good or bad though.

(Slipping Flames) #5

Got kicked last night. May have been my internet, but it let me rejoin the match. Never got past the loading screen. Dashboarded quickly and tried to rejoin again. 11 minutes left on my ban. Something about the rejoin function doesn’t always work properly. I’ve quit less than five times since the game came out, though I get kicked every once in a while. Most of those were when two other teammates had already quit. I’m an advocate for the penalty, but only when it works properly.


The rejoin function is also a disaster. Even if you rejoin the game, you still have to wait for quit some time until you actually can get back in the game.

(mike yaworski) #7

If they could get it working then sure lol.

I’ve gotten kicked only a handful of times ever, but it’s the game’s fault every time. My whole squad has been banned for 30 mins before just because the game decided to dissolve the lobby.

Also cosnsidering that I may dodge cheaters in the pregame lobby, we don’t need stricter penalties at the moment lol.


Ok but how about a system knows you got kicked/lagged out without penalizing that player? It’s silly to penalize a player for a garbage server. basically you get penalized twice. Get kicked from the match and being suspended for a little bit. How nice is that?

(III EnVii III) #9

The thing is,

People do quit, a lot.

So there needs to be a punishment for them.

I think Gears 5 will have a more solid lobby system.

The fact that you can back out without a penalty and cause the match to dissolve shows that it’s a basic beta lobby than a proper fleshed out one.

Over 2 years, I’ve probably been banned like 3-4 times max from the game doing it incorrectly.

So I definitely see it as a positive.

(Drinkands im) #10

I think the penalty needs to stay. And i think it should make players aware that quitting effects their rank as well as giving them a ban. Because I dont think a lot of people realize that and then wonder why they cant rank up.


Not denying that people quit on purpose. But the penalty system only punishes people who consistently play the game. People quit, and then go and play other games, BR in particular (@ll_R_E_D_l and @Krylon_Blue can attest to this) and then people who actually play the Gears are left with harsh and unfair penalties.

It comes down to preference. I would much rather play minus a 1-2 players, than risk getting a suspension.

(III EnVii III) #12

I totally understand that perspective, maybe ive been lucky and avoided being unfairly suspended.

I do agree though, people tend to quit and be on something else,

It should be a full Xbox Live Matchmaking ban rather than game specific - but of course, only with fair suspensions and a system that works.

(Redfox888) #13

Why not just have them put bots back in like in 2 so we can watch them die and then go 20-0.:smile::smile:


This. 100%

(hotbeatz85) #15

I wonder if players that just stand the whole match will get ribbons for being a statue :thinking:


Wouldn’t surprise me. They seem to have a ribbon for everything, and even one for nothing!
I have gotten the “More Guts than Skill” ribbon more times than I’d care to admit…

(Goodacre) #17

the game is still handing out bans for lobby dissolves . so, in my opinion bans should be removed until that is fixed.

(Drinkands im) #18

All i know is im no longer playing KOTH because of the amount of times i have to play in 5v4’s which is 90% of my matches. So until TC does something im gonna play 2v2 and probably boycott buying Gears 5.