(Poll) Which older maps would you want brought back into Gears 5?

I think we all thought the same.

They really don’t seem to want to bring Thrashball back lol.

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They could make the middle stairs for the stands be accessible from the field, or maybe make the other side of the field have the same stands. The latter would probably make the map too big.

I’d say experiment with simply making the stairs shorter or adding a spot of cover from crumbled cement blocks or something to aid in rushing up them. The primary problem with the design in Gears 3 was the height advantage + long distance + stopping power. A good team could hold the top indefinitely and have almost no reason to leave.

If they fix that with some tweaks, I think the map holds up and can be a welcome addition with unique visuals compared to everything else.

I cant stand Shadowz lol, hes def a sellout.

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Id love if they made Thrashball updated with it being DB themed, in the collectibles from gow 4, Thrashball is being played by DBs and it would be so cool to see it all pristine and nice and keep the scoreboard interactive so it still falls. but yeah the top of the map needs a change, i know they wouldnt just keep it the same.

Completely. Pretty much all of them are.

Oh yeah saw this too. Screenshot from Landan2006’s video. Context below the pics.

He has Blood Red Reyna unlocked but he’s still at RECRUIT 1 with zero stars.

He’s already at Onyx 2. On the SECOND DAY of this season. The player base must really be small. :frowning::

He has the Heroic Crystal set. So it’s basically meaningless already.

(Sure anyone can get it if they mindlessly grind for enough coins, and he does have 200K in Gears coins, but if he has Reyna without putting in the work, why shouldn’t we assume they just gave him the Crystal set too.)

TC needs to have an option to pay money to auto-complete the tour.

:laughing: What a joke. What a bunch of clowns. No offense @TC_Clown.


oh do I have a story for you about Landen lmaoo

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To make it short, he sent me hate mail after a game of tbow tag. and he won 2-1 :unamused: this was back in gears 4 but it was upsetting to see. I was a major Landan fan back when 4 came out. and even during UE.

Supposedly, they temporarily give these guys the skins so they can make the vids, but they then still gotta earn 'em like the rest of us afterwards. I’m also on Onyx II. That’s where they started us if we finished last season on Masters.

Fuel Station
All Fathers Garden


I ran into someone with the op 6 diamond banner today.

Honestly get a freaking life.

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I started off at Onyx 3 right from the reset.

Diamond was like 3 wins.

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Oh. I guess that actually makes sense then.

Love you Envii🖤

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I was surprised but guess they got rid of placement matches which would put you in O2/O3 anyway and just gone straight to it.

Love You Too :green_heart:

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Well, if he finished at Masters at the end of Op5, he would drop 5 tiers into Onyx 2.

Just clearing it up. A bit sus on the Blood Red Reyna though.

Wait he WON and he still sent hate mail?

Dude has tons of simps in his comments too.

“OMG Landan is so funny” and a bunch of quotes from things he says. Pretty infantile sense of humor and makes absurd Egoraptor style ad libs that are extremely annoying. He’s better than shadows at least and called TC out on the Speyer thing and other issues, but the ‘humor’ is just not my cup of tea.

yeah :confused: I know it doesnt sound that bad but I was a really big fan of the guy. I wish I still had the proof of it, I used to find him hilarious but hes really entitled. and tbh his montages are cringy lol. I used to watch TRE too but hes a sellout like all the rest of them. Being better than Shadowz is not that hard tbh.

I like these below: :star_struck:
bullet marsh v2

fuel depot G4 Relic Jacinto Mansion v1 OVERPASS SANTUARY v2 Uploading: SANTUARY.jpg…

:star2:FOR THE CAUSE​:star2:

It’s been almost a week. The voting has slowed down a bit, so I assume that the top 10 are somewhat set in stone.
Here is an image to show where all the maps are at right now. Seems nobody likes Island, Junkyard, or Ward.

Tyro Station was at top 10 at one point. My guess is that it’s one of the top favorites for the gears 1 vets.