Poll: Do you think Gears 5 is the best game in the franchise?

The math never lies:


Pretty crazy that almost 20% of people on here think it is or could be the best in the franchise.

I really expected a much lower percentage haha

I’m very happy with the results. a lot of people said NO.

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Yeah me too, look, we agree on something yet again!

Can’t click the link to formally vote, but my answer would be “No”.

It’s not nearly as bad as some of the most toxic critics make it out to be, but it’s certainly not the best.

I’d also imagine votes would be contingent on which part of the game you care most about.

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how are we supposed to answer this at this stage of the games lifecycle?

I would revisit this question in 2.5 years

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Time to retire this thread, don’t you think?
The most helpful topic about Gears 5 current state is:

Good day gentlemen!

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In 2.5 years it could be the best Gears game but by then it will be too late

Im sure by then Gears 6 will be at least scheduled to arrive and this game will be winding down. If there is a Gears 6.

Nah no need. Plenty more people will come and vote, and it would be nice if they could share their thoughts.

from what we can gather about the development cycle of this game all the signs point to it being rushed for the Holiday 2019 season.

I’m going to lay some of the blame on MS in that regard and hopefully TC can get us out of Beta in the near future and we’ll be left with a half decent Gears game. one where Ranking works, where we have more maps, more iconic characters, map builder, solution to quitters, and a MTX model we don’t despise.

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This thread keeps on giving.

More fun than Gears 5 certainly.


I voted no, for a multitide of reasons really.

Technically, the game was a mess at launch and at several basic levels still is.
Campaign is still having many problems, crashes and is chock full of glitches.
PVP is just a hot mess, the basic level of inconsistency is mind-boggling. Every issue present in g4’s pvp is still present now and looks like it will never be fixed.

I won’t speak about horde or escape as I will only ever play them casually due to the huge grind needed to make them some level of fun.
Even if i pretend that you are right and those parts are frikking awesome that’s what? 2/4 parts of the game working correctly at best.
My god even jears worked properly. I didn’t like any of it, but at least it worked.

This is very very far from the best gears ever, and i’d say its jousting for worst technical faults with gears 2 and most hated mechnics changes since jears.

In the end I speak from a mainly pvp perspective and you obviously don’t (no, a few games here and there does not count as having deep technical knowledge of how any of pvp works), so we will have different experiences of the game.

I will tell you one thing though, constantly telling the mainly pvp crowd here that the game is ‘da best’ when for them it is objectively not, just seems to be picking fights for the hell of it.

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Seems like it’s becoming a trend for half a thread’s responses to be @anon32088142. Can we close this now? @GhostofDelta2. This has, to nobody’s surprise, completely disintegrated.


No no no! I’m really enjoying this thread!



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This will get closed and he’ll just make another “Gears 5 is a good game” thread and get his kicks. Dude says hes not a troll but keeps making the same post over and over

Can we not close this? Theres no reason to close the thread just because these guys cannot stop attacking me.

Just get back on track…

Share why you voted what you did. Leave it there.

Did I attack you or did I just shut down what you were saying?