Poll: Do you think Gears 5 is the best game in the franchise?

Let me start by: “a wise man once said nothing”
The answer to your thread has already been discussed over and over, and if you do a little research in top topics once you log out, you will find several helpful answers.
Here let me link all the helpful topics that conclude it’s a bad game from the launch up to this moment:



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He’s either trolling or has the absolute lowest standards i have ever seen.


It’s not the worse game. That’s about the best praise I can give it.

  • The least original maps in VS (excluding Judgment),
  • Technical issues galore,
  • A Horde and Escape mode that requires hours of grind to get to a point to do Master difficulty. This is a third person shooter, not an MMORPG.
  • A ranking system that does not work.
  • A Gnasher that is supposed to encourage mid-range fights, yet has a large gib range and one of the biggest damage drop-offs in the franchise.
  • Lack of attention for Horde mode in general. Lack of special events. Lack of rewards for playing the mode compared to VS and Escape.
  • A poor content model compared to Gears 4. After getting to General, there is no incentive to play the game.

I enjoy playing this game, but this isn’t the best Gears game. The population 5 months after launch will tell you that. People will play a good game. Forget marketing and AAA status, if a good game is released, it will be played through word of mouth. This is not a good game.

TC are yet to release an original game that has been well recieved by the community, past or present. I’m losing faith in them.


Or you guys are just off base and it’s actually a great game.

Or you don’t play pvp very much and zero ranked pvp and are basing your opinion on horde and a few quickplay matches lmao

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:+1: Thanks for the response. Hopefully that will help some people see that you do have some common ground with them.

Like I said, I don’t hate that you love the game so much. We all have our guilty pleasures :joy: You do you!

I’m personally going to keep complaining about Gears 5 and TC because I don’t think this game is in the state that it should be in. You mentioned the live service model being a cancer on gaming and you’re spot on with that assessment. We just disagree on whether we have reached an acceptable spot of that service.

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Lol, what is great about Gears 5? If you love the PVE modes that is fine. If you love the Campaign then fine. But for PVP the biggest thing is having a consistent, smooth game which we dont have. I still find Escape and Horde to be lacking from what they could be. I actually like the idea of Escape, but I dont feel the AI is great, and I find the maps very stale and short.

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Well, as you can see, you’re in the minority there lmao

Thanks for the reasonable interaction.

Don’t worry if he follows the conversation long enough he will see why everyone else is finding you difficult and irritating…

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You ask me this like every day lol, bro, come on.

You know why I like this game so much by now

LSD WOlf punk won’t reply to me because I know he refuses to play ranked pvp and has only played a few quickplay matches.

Telling others to stop complaining about a game he hasn’t even played half of…

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So you actually love the hero based model of Horde and Escape? Where each character is tied to certain abilities and functions? I think its horrible for numerous reasons and only serves one purpose. That is to make purchasing new characters more enticing. Since with the purchase u get some new unique way to play. But the mode would be much better and we would get characters much faster if you could tie any set of abilities and functions to any character.

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Yea, I really do. It made for an extremely immersive experience of each character for me, and I’m still enjoying it.

I like the mmorpg elements they introduced as well.

I would also love an alternate mode where it’s a more classic horde style game.

Is this rod Fergusson?


While I wouldn’t mind them going back to Gears 3 model,I don’t see why live service model couldn’t be good for Gears of War. It’s been good for other shooters as well.

Ideally this model would keep people playing by adding quality content and challenges that are both fun and rewarding. Right now they have a system designed to sell mtx and suck the fun out of the game.

Of course their issues go Beyond this. Nearly everything about Gears5 is poorly designed and lack vision and identity. From campaign to PvP and PvE.


I like having mmorpg elements but Id rather see an ability tree where you could just choose the path for your character. So any character could be anything you want it to be.



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Brilliant!! You say you are not a Troll, but then you openly admit to trolling certain people who have a different point of view from yours.

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