Poll: Do you think Gears 5 is the best game in the franchise?

St. Anger why am I not surprised :smile:


Take away the Gears name for a second here, as a gamer I would never, ever say that a game this broken is the best of anything. Its absolutely one of the worst AAA titles I have ever played in terms of bugs and inconsistency. I have over a hundred hours in this game and I skipped the entire first season, but I dont play it because its a great game. I play it because A) its gears and B) it has moments of greatness. I state my opinion out of love for the Gears franchise not hatred of TC. As like many I was hoping for a game that improved upon Gears 4 , but in many ways this is a downgrade. Do I think this could be a great game or the greatest in the Franchise? I sure believe it has the potential, but I would never lower my standards for a game that low to put Great next to this games name in its current condition. Nor will I assume they will straighten this game out.

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Duff …the incredible thing is that peeps are still giving this guy airtime…i cottoned on early to him…made my points and blocked him…gears 5 is his first experience of gears…now he’s a world renowned expert…there are some knowledgeable pvp and pve peeps in these forums…who’ve played the franchise as a whole…but this guy still pulls everyone in…every single thread…screaming…me me me!..he knows nothing bout gears…i kinda hoped a lot on here would see that…but here it is…another long boring thread…all about the guy who knows nothing about gears🤣


If the Gnasher worked at all, it would be the best. Resorted to using my chainsaw last night instead. It was way more effective. Dead serious.

For the record-

This is a lie.

I have played every gears game for console. I have been playing gears for over 10 years.

@Duffman_GB I rest my case mate

This is sad. It hasnt been that broken for me lately, but it has had a lot of inconsistency. The sticky walls and random commands/shots not registering are my biggest problem.

This guy is an obvious troll. Defending TC by claiming it’s not their fault that it’s broken, and now claiming it’s the best in the franchise? Rod has gone to join Ybarra at Blizzard. Let them destroy Diablo. At least that’ll show their consistency.

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I 100% disagree with you @anon32088142 for many of the same reasons already listed in this post.

But the reason I wanted to reply is that I think you’re getting so much hate on the forums because we really can’t tell if you’re serious or not. To many, you are coming off as a troll yourself by continuing to talk about how much you love this game in almost every single thread. That, of course, triggers other trolls who absolutely hate this game, and then all of the insults just start to fly.

One thing I think would go a long way with the community is if you were to talk about things in Gears 5 that you DON’T like compared from the previous games. There has to be SOMETHING where you say, “You know, they really did ‘X’ better in Gears of War ‘Y’” because the thing that is getting on everyone’s nerves is your seemingly blind loyalty for the game (again, SEEMINGLY… I’m not here hating on your personal opinion).

So how about it? What DON’T you like in this game, and what things would you change to make it better?

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I will FULLY grant you this point. I do troll the hate trolls, and I have no shame about that.

But, to be clear, I am trolling them with honesty.

It’s the same way I troll fellow metallica fans with my favoritism of st. anger. I honestly like it the most, and I understand it’s downfalls, but it was what resonated with me the most, same as gears 5.

To start, I’m not gonna answer the second bit, because theres a litany of posts throughout the forums about what I think they should do to improve.

What I dont like:

They continue to See-Saw the tuning in response to the outlash. They need to stop this, it is causing a never ending turmoil in the game. Pick something, stick to it. Fix the technical issues, sure, but stop changing the tuning back and forth and back and forth and…

The live service model is a cancer on the gaming industry. Releasing a beta game that gets finished during live play server cycles is simply not okay, and the greedy @!%*!^&@ pushing this at the top of the industry are just as much to blame as all of us for putting up with it. I would love to see the bygone era of games released in full polish return.

I would like to see better updates. Though I defend the company, I don’t accept that it happens, and I don’t think it’s okay. If microsoft cannot grant TC special exception to ameliorate this issue considering the special nature of the gears IP in relation to the code, then they deserve the backlash for these problems. I understand that will spill over into TC’s hands at times.

Changing the fundamental nature of horde mode without offering the classic style to people on the side- that was a terrible call. I don’t like that at all. I LOVE the MMORPG/shooter hybrid mode they have made of it, but 95% or more of people don’t, and they should have considered how jostling such a change would be. An alternate mode should have launched alongside Horde 4.0

Ranked- if you’re gonna have it, make it work. Period, I feel for the people who are struggling to enjoy a competitive pvp scene, it’s tough. Fix the ranking.

I’m sure I could come up with more, but yea man, I’m not not on board with a lot of the criticism, the game just resonated with me so freaking hard that it doesn’t matter for me.

I have had the best time I’ve had gaming in a long time, on this game. I mean, what am I supposed to lie?

I love gears 5. I’m sorry its in a piss poor state for all of you others, and I don’t like it either, but It’s just that good to me that it doesn’t matter. I’m still playing it, and I still think it’s better than the others.

LSD I made a very valid point that you only mess around on quickplay pvp in between your sessions of horde and escape. You avoid ranked pvp on 5 and are a horde/escape main. You keep saying that I assume this. I have seen you declare this both in this discussion and in other posts you have previously posted on other topics. I’m simply using what you have said about yourself yet you ignore my point and say I am assuming things about you. I am simply using what you said lmao.

You do not have the knowledge or experience of gears of war 5 multiplayer to be judging this game as a whole. Regardless of whether you played the others you have admitted that you play zero ranked and dabble in quickplay but don’t take it too seriously on gears of war 5.

You do not know how to have a discussion and are coming across as a real know it all in quite a few topics you have discussed on the forums. You are being attacked by quite a few people and not one person is supporting your comments so did you ever think maybe it’s you and not everybody else…


This ^

Does not translate into this v

Like I said. You don’t know how much I know about the pvp. You know I mostly play horde, and I don’t play ranked. That’s all you know.

I’m not going to debate my level of knowledge and experience on this forum, because it’s pointless.

Now let’s just get this back on track fellas- Feel free to share your reasons for your votes.

Screenshot your quickplay wins then…I bet you don’t even have 50. I’m not talking about arcade/casual mode or co op vs the AI either pup.

Reading about something you don’t even play doesn’t mean you understand it. I’d say the “know it all mentality” you have can’t allow you to admit you don’t know much about the pvp.

Running around playing ffa and a few games of arcade doesn’t make you knowledgable about pvp.

Liars always get found out.


I mean its pointless to go any further in this thread. A super majority have said no, and most people rank Gears 5 at the bottom with Judgement. Its TC and Microsoft’s job to change that sentiment.


I don’t think it’s pointless mate.

No reason to close or end the thread.

Let people keep voting and sharing, I think most people have aired their complaints with me at this point- and it can get back to the original purpose.

Feedback and polling.

Feel free to share your votes and reasons guys!

More feedback is always welcome.

I disagree with this. I think you’re once again shifting the blame away from TC. Other studios are doing a good job with live service model and It’s only a beginning. Forza Horizon 4 is a great example of GaaS game done right.


It’s not a good model for games like Gears of war, could we agree there?

Do you have any examples of games like gears 5 using this model and being unsuccessful or are you just throwing out a random statement based on your one experience of this which is TC making a mess of it with gears 5?

Just noticing this thread. This is a troll right? Or some cry for attention?

You can’t be serious.

Either way, it’s definitely the final nail in the coffin for your reputation.


I agree but can slowly introduce them like a quick off the distance scenerio