Poll: Do you think Gears 5 is the best game in the franchise?

I’m conducting a poll to see how many people think this is the best game in the franchise.

Please go to the poll below to fill out your answer, and then make a reply to share why you answered what you did. Thanks everyone!

I voted Yes! Here are my reasons -

I think Gears 5 is the best game in the franchise, because I fell in love with the hero system, the new - rich - deep horde mode. I was able to fully immerse in most of the characters as I played, and I continue to love it to this day.

Escape is amazing. I love how much you can do in there, especially with the map editor!

As always gears versus is as fun as it’s ever been!

I absolutely love the OSOK FFA Snipers, that mode should be in the game forever!

Perfect game to play with some buddies.

Best game in the franchise by far!

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You’ve reached a new level of self-deception there buddy :slight_smile:


Please provide feedback if you have voted.

Lets keep the thread clean guys.

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I answered No. While I would like to answer Yes, if all the technical issues got resolved, I wouldnt know that for sure until all the issues are resolved, and I could see how the game should actually play.

Top Issues for me:

1.) Completely inconsistent Versus, worst in the Gears franchise by far.
2.) Tons of unresolved bugs
3.) Absolute borefest of a Horde Mode


Someones about to be disappointed lol

If****** a big if TC can get the game to a good point it has the potential to be a great gears game


This is going as expected.


Why would I be dissapointed man?

I know most people here don’t know how to appreciate what’s in front of them :smiley:

It’s expected, but I bet a few people can see how great this Gears title is!

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Escape isn’t even that fun.

Horde has been ruined.

PvP has so many issues listing them would take more time than listing what’s not broken.

I’m sorry, but no matter what game it is there is no way this can be considered the best of anything with all these issues. The most die hard Gears fans have walked away which is further proof that it’s not received very well. You can think it’s the best Gears game and that’s your right because everyone has their own opinion. But those who dislike the direction this game has gone aren’t wrong either. This is Gears by half it’s name only. It’s not what Gears should be if you’re trying to keep the already small fan base alive.


No, for these reasons -

  • No alternative to hero system at launch that should have been kept away from Gears to begin with, which has removed some of the “plug n play” nature of Horde I expect of and prefer from the mode
  • Escape, while great, lacks some replayability especially with only bi-weekly hives which can leave you stuck with a hive you don’t enjoy and hardly anybody playing the others besides Surge and Clock for longer than necessary. Also currently suffering from bugged AI and a seeming flood of incompetent players and low levels into mid-high difficulties
  • Not TC related, but restrictiveness of Custom matches when it comes to maps and certain character choices, and unwillingness or inability of the majority of the playerbase to step away from the “meta” has made it much harder than necessary to find matches for a player like me, plays into what I mentioned at the end of my first point
  • Silverback disconnecting since TU4
  • General unresponsive feeling of certain controls or character interactions in the game(roadie, cover, rolling, namely)
  • Absurd reup XP grind that almost makes Gears 4 Wings look easy. But just almost.

Can’t think of anything else off the top of my head right now.


Because you need validation for playing this game. If you didnt than you wouldnt be making all these “Gears is good” threads

But we do know how to appreciate whats in front of us, thats why we are on here giving our feedback about the game. If we didnt than we wouldnt all be here

And its cool that you think that this is such a great game. But between the playerbase and social media a majority of the community doesnt agree with you


No man, you don’t get it. I just like the game, and I want to share my positivity about it :slight_smile:

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Maps are bad… See gears 2.
Weapon tunning is bad… see gears 3
Quitters r beyond a joke.
Gears dont need a ranking system!!
Supply drop is a joke.
Not enough maps.
Boomshot is broke AF.
Frags r broke AF
Headshots with sniper is to easy.

So yeah i voted NO.


Yeah I like the game also. I know exactly where your coming from but this is not the place to share your love for the game. All you gonna get is negative and complete disappointment and criticism In reply for sharing your like of the game. I play the game every day and I also think it’s the best of all of them. It has many issues but I’m not bothered by them. It doesn’t stop me from playing the game. All minor things to me. My main concerns are lack of maps for horde and not being able to scrap your duplicate cards. That’s all. The graphics in the game are amazing and by far the best of all gears games. This is just my opinion and i will continue playing this game. What other people think about the game or me liking it…well i don’t give a ■■■■. I have a group of people that are all over the world and we play together everyday. All who love the game and think the same. That’s all I need to keep playing it.


No. I do not deny that it could be an amazing game if all bugs are fixed, and if they make changes to give us a arcade horde AND all my favorite characters and maps etc it could be up there.
personally, the art style and lack of gore/ camerashake / war? means that I don’t think can reach the heights of say Gears 2.
Technically and graphically and physics may be superior but the overall tone just isn’t my favorite.


Do you actually really want the Gears 2/3 camera shake levels back? God they were/are still atrocious to this day.


Really was in two minds about replying .
Didn’t want to repeat the same discussions from your other threads but …
There was acknowledgement from yourself that labeling a game good or bad or broken is a ‘value judgement ‘ so why do you care what anyone else thinks - it’s not going to change your mind or prove anything one way or the other.
It’s like doing a poll on “is dogs playing poker the best artwork of the 20th century”
If someone believes it is - then who cares ? Even if 99.9 percent of those polled say it isn’t then that person who really really likes it will still either dismiss those views as ‘wrong ‘ or just say it’s their subjective opinion- and still enjoy admiring ‘dogs playing poker’ above all other paintings. Nothing wrong with that …
Majority of the artworld will most likely think the guys trolling or a crank though
Anyhow why is it better? It can’t be ‘better ‘ in any objective sense…


I listed my reasons in the op mate!

Btw, dogs playing poker IS the best artwork of the 20th century :wink: Haha <3

Share your positivity about the game as an opinion not a fact. Gears 5 has a ton of issues especially on pvp. I know you prefer pve so it’s easier for you to be positive…


I play pvp a decent bit too man, I just don’t take it seriously, and I stay out of ranked! I love OSOK FFA snipers right now. Probably my favorite PvP in any gears game, I will be very sad to see it go!

Btw, my positivity about the game is fact. <3

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