Poll chrome steel character - please read it

Can you make a poll before the next Chrome Steel Character between 2 COG and Locust/Swarm. Please TC.

This idea is for the people go and vote for the next CHROME STEEL CHARACTER, in that way the character most voted will be in the store.

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They can’t because they don’t talk about future content


They should because many of these skins barely we use it in the eSports or versus matches, also they would sell more CHROME STEEL CHARACTERS if the people vote for that they want.

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Yea…not dogging here but really, how many Benjamin die hards are out there? I mean did we really need a chrome steel Benjamin? Id love a Chrome Steel Lizzie or Lahni or Keegan. I mean Keegan and Lahni really need some love skin wise. I wish they would bring back Island Lahni.

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I agree. In fact I bought CHROME STEEL Lahni but I would like to see Lizzie in Chrome steel version.

Apparently over 100 people. Over the weekend i have seen so many chrome Benjamin’s in Co-op vs A.I. that i had to ask a chrome Coggies on why i kept seeing chrome steel benjamins and all he said was " because they are cool skins."

I went into a rant about it since it was guardian and good god, i really wonder just how much density is within the minds of many of the players.

They would also earn more money by bringing back the ones they already released but apparently even that is considered FUTURE CONTENT.

What makes the whole thing worse is that the Store-update made it sound like E-sport-content would actually return as well ( and kinda did with the Kyrll-thing iirc). But nothing since then.

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Chrome Steel V-Day Sam
Chrome Steel Classic Kait
Chrome Steel UIR
Chrome Steel Workout Fazzy
Chrome Steel eSports Kait
Chrome Steel Wrestler Oscar
Chrome Steel Reyna
Chrome Steel V-Day Anya

But most importantly…
Chrome Steel Delivery Driver Mac


Will never buy another one unless it’s Black Steel. I bought Jermad because he’s the sexiest locust released in CS

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No way, they are chrome steeling whichever character they can pull out of their â– â– â–  the fastest and giving it for free to the YouTuber with 300 subscribers

Chrome Steel V-Day Sam is what I want the most.

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I’m a Benjamin die hard. Hehehehe… I can’t even use him in PvE, but you best believe I bought him :hugs:

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Beanie Kait, Best Kait.

Tho a hypothetical Chrome Steel version wouldn’t live up to it’s Black Steel counterpart

The default Gears 5 Kait looks like they ran out of armour and so the COG gave her JDs GoW4 Armour…:laughing:

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I don’t even remember how JDs Gears 4 armor looked. He was so generic and uninteresting. And my god his face looked awful.

I’m of the opinion we should’ve gotten this as Kait’s default skin, but I guess it would have made the Chrome Steel skin redundant because the only real standout feature of that is the black-ish pants. And now I doubt we’d get this cause people gonna be complaining it’s too similar to the default Kait. But I really don’t like the metallic look much when compared to this.

(Don’t mind Del, I just uploaded the original where I didn’t edit him out.)

When are we getting a CS skin for Lizzie? Since we’re clearly not getting a Winter Armor skin for her, we could at least have that instead of waiting for it until Operation 6 or 7.

Black pants don’t save the outfit but man That’s a huge improvement over the brown.

And The winter set has been good so far, honestly I’d use that over a CS for Lizzie

I mostly care for the white armor on that picture I shared(which seems to be TC made, I found this on one of their sites years ago), but having black pants is deffo an improvement too. Just don’t really like this metallic silver/grey color a lot on Kait’s default.

And while I would prefer a Winter skin for Lizzie, since TC clearly don’t want the money I would’ve spent on that, I would be fine with a CS so I have something to use other than the default for her.