(polite) thoughts re TDM


I missed out on that pretty toxic thread re TDM (which started as a thread re Fuel Depot), it got locked because it spiraled out of control, before I had a chance to comment.

But I thought the discussion about the game mode could be good, if we stayed away from personal attacks on people’s intelligence, play ability, etc… (lol, I don’t know anything about @mike_yaworski’s IQ, but frack me, he is an awesome player :slight_smile: )

TDM isn’t my mode, I only started to watch and play it recently. I had a few games recently which were filled with Diamond level players, on both sides (I was in a stream), and several of them degenerated into ridiculous camp fests. I know people talk about Checkout and Blood Drive as camping maps, but these were games on Relic and Harbor… OMG… It was the same enemy team on both maps, and both games became defensive camp fests for them the instant they were ahead… It was horrible…

Credit to my team mates who won both games, I was outclassed, so I hung back, spotted, and crossed when I could… My team mates were complaining how pathetic the game play was, from the other team,

Even with my limited experience with TDM it seems clear the whole man-up rules just really pushes teams who really care about winning to simply push until they have a numerical advantage, and then defend/camp around some power weapon spawn (if possible)…

Remove the man-up rule… You remove camping, and reduce the usefulness of spawn trapping… There is little camping in Dodgeball…

This shared pool of respawns for the whole team - I don’t think that’s a problem if the teams are made up of similar skilled/ranked players, but if you throw in beginners with experts, the beginners drain the lives for the experts and it becomes silly…

Honestly, I prefer Dodgeball, but everyone loves TDM, so I’m assuming it will come back in Gears5… Hopefully with some tweaks…


TDM would work fine in a Social Playlist.

Not in Ranked and it does drain the playerbase from modes like Dodgeball and KOTH.

I’d even rather play Guardian!

The reason a lot of people play it in ranked is due to fast Que Times.

Searching KOTH now is pot luck, could be a few seconds to minutes to hours.

TDM always seems to be under a minute unless your squad is too highly ranked, other than that, it’s something you can play.

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And what an epic thread that was. Too bad it was shut down so early



Do you think it’s because players relate and understand TDM as a more simplistic game mode? Meaning hide and kill, run and hide?

I think KOTH, Guardian are more strategy based modes then TDM. Of course i only play KOTH or escalation.

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This is the main reason I don’t play TDM. It’s been like this since Gears 3. Its not exciting to play. Most TDM matches I’ve played end up like this.

That’s the problem with having two tunings too, or at least core lancer and assult rifles are way too powerful. Another reason is because the only objective of TDM is to deplete the enemys lives so people camp instead knowing someone will push.

Games like Escalation i like:

  1. Because it’s competitive Tuning.
    2.Because there is an objective and people will have to push anyways.

From time to time koth is fun too but i tend to stay away unless i’m with a team because even if i try i cant find games on PC.

I play enough King to get D5 and then I quit I really dont like the gametype to much

wow, this is insane to me. People still can’t handle Gears TDM in 2019.
Someone beneath you even said “The reason a lot of people play it in ranked is due to fast Que Times.”
That is called POPULARITY.
It is just hard to handle the delusion of people sometimes.

Like when they apparently didn’t read the OP? Yes I agree.

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I read the whole thing trash. I only responded to the one comment i responded to. Earn that name clown

You do you son

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