Polish 3v3 Tournament

Dear Coalition,
We have organised 3v3 egzecution league in Poland which is starting right now. We have strong hardcore Gears fan base and most of players of league are Masters and Diamonds. We want to make league anf Gears more popular in Country. Grateful if you could consider some small rewards for top players.

A tray of beer with the Gears omen and “■■■■■” (it’s censored but I mean the word every Polish person uses 20 times in one sentence) on each can. 1 liter cans only.

I wonder if a skilled bartender has ever poured a pint of Guinness (or other beer) with a Gears Omen design on the foam?

Just sent you rank list of people who are playing. If you are strong in words i have sent you proposal of 3vs3 egzecution rules game with your team. If you will not accept it means you are just backward person fed by stereotypes. If i am not mistaken youre qualified as Silver 1.

Pardon? I wasn’t interested in taking part. Not sure where this “backward person fed by stereotypes” comes from. I think you’ve completely misunderstood my post, which wasn’t even a reply to you. Just a general thought about foam patterns on beer.

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Sorry than. It was aimed at Vigoor.