Points system explained plz

I would a detailed explanation how points are actually. awarded or deducted on this game .
Like how points for a kill , death , assist , placement score in the match .
Or is a tc special where they don’t have a clue as usual .
Also remove the dam knife melee , it’s a shooting get yet people have a instinct to press the b button rather than the trigger . Absolute joke.

You’re the 2847493392833474833974848338338393 person to make a thread about it, legit. :rofl:

The system is broken, TC knows this, they were supposed to release a fix and reset the ranks today but it has been postponed to Nov 13.


Are you sure about that? :thinking: Your estimate seems low. I think you missed some people who’ve never even heard of gears 5 who’ve been complaining :joy:

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There is nothing wrong with the melee, every game has one. NOW they need to take out the LUNGE in the knife and thats it. If your skilled enough the knife wont harm you bc you have time to blast them with a gnasher before they can knife you or two piece you.

Pick one.

Clearly there is something wrong with the melee… The lunge, which is part of the melee.

It also does too much damage, in my opinion. The lunge is certainly the main issue though.

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Lol , take the lunge out sorry not being clear, thought you could understand. And no right amount of damage, you should get your shot off before melee comes at you.

I understood fine. You can’t say there’s nothing wrong with the melee, then state an issue with the melee in the next sentence.

Obviously. But that’s impossible to do with the current lunge that can be done immediately after shooting

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You should not be allowed to lunge , and shoot instantly after knifing ,
This mechanic was in gears 2 called the two piece.
They removed this mechanic out of the game when they released gears 3 as they didn’t want it in the game .
But for some reason they just put it back in the game because they are retardants

You can’t. There is a cooldown after knifing before you can fire. However, there is no cooldown after firing before you can knife.

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