Points being added?

How quickly does the system add your points on in versus?Just being curious as to why i’m still on bronze i checked the stats screen&left it on for the next two matches,which my teams both won&nothing changed at all,not even matches won?!

It’s usually instant for me but sometimes it’ll take a couple hours, or even overnight.

Keep in mind, you’re not going to automatically rank up by playing more. Placements are generally low and you will settle into a more realistic rank after a few weeks. But, you don’t always go up on wins, depending if you were expected to win or lose the match.

It’s every two hours. I can’t remember precisely when it happens though.

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i have just checked 5 hrs later&it’s added the 2 matches won and in 1 of them i got over 20 kills by the way and my %hasn’t gone up at all,it’s stayed exactly the same,no wonder i’m stuck on bronze!?

Keep grinding if you want your rank to go up. From what I’ve seen over the past 3 seasons, it takes about 3 weeks of regular play to settle in to the range you belong. If you’re on 5 hours a day, maybe only a week. Then, you might slowly go up from there.

There’s a range of factors that go into it.

(1) what game mode?
(2) your performance in that game mode (e.g.: kills are weighted more in say, TDM compared to KOTH). This looks at the impact that you had in the game and how much you contributed to your team.
(3) the rank of your opponents. Beating opponents that you’re expected to beat (based on rank comparison) leads to bigger gains, but losing to lower ranked opponents leafs to bigger losses.
(4) whether you or your opponents are in stacked groups and if so how many and their ranks?
(5) your previous rank for that mode in previous seasons also contributes to determining where you are placed after your 5 placement games.

I don’t play too much Versus, but fond I rank up quickly early on but it eventually slows and plateaus. I think my max level is in the gold ranks. The highest I’ve ever got is Gold 3, within about 10% of Onyx. At a push I can probably get Onyx 1 but beyond that I’m probably at my level really.

no i wasn’t playing for 5hrs,i checked when i woke up lol