Point Distribution Discussion (Screenshots from S2 to Masters) People Just Need Practice

Well yeah that’s how easy you can go up when you have decent matches as I said everyone is literally so close in points so it’s extremely easy to drop majorly or advance so.

Don’t get me wrong though losing alot of points for one match is definitely not justified.

Anyway, yeah see I played a lot yesterday and went from silver 3 to onyx 2 so it can be done.

As I said the only problem I have with the system is how much points you can sometimes lose. It’s not a perfect system by no means but I still stand by it not being completely broken.

Yeah, it’s not completely broken, but it doesn’t take into account quitters and with the huge amount of quitters, it’s a glaring weakness in the system. A big one.

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No i completely agree but I don’t see TC doing anything about that anytime soon tbh due to the amount of problems they still have to work on.

Just making the point to people that they can’t blame the entire system for their low placement is all.

They already did something about it previously. It kinda worked before the ranking “fix” went out, then it stopped working again.

Well in my opinion it’s not broken entirely again if that’s the case then everyone would be having problems.

Each to their own but that’s just me I guess.

Do agree it is somewhat broken but not entirely.

I was just talking about the system not factoring in quitters, which no longer works, but did work to a degree prior to the latest reset and fix.

Wasn’t talking about the system as a whole.

I know I’m just saying that’s what most people have been saying. That’s the point I’ve been continuously making to people that are blaming the entire thing.

The quitter problem needs to be sorted asap. It’s unfair losing points because of them but apart from that I think the system is okay atm.

Yes, but that had nothing to do with my point. Why do you feel the need to keep repeating that you think it’s fine?

We’re all well aware of people’s grievances with the system.

I’ve already made my thoughts known in this thread, so I’ll refrain from repeating myself

I’ll repeat it as much as I want just like the ones complaining about it. I’m entitled to repeat it, so don’t be telling me not to :slight_smile:

Then I commented on the quitter point you brought up with my second reply so there wasn’t a need for you to reply saying I don’t need to keep repeating.

People have kept repeating their points so I simply am doing the same.

I wasn’t telling you what to do, just questioning the point of it.

People are showing different results, different perspectives. Parroting on repeating the same paragraphs over and over isn’t contributing to the discussion.

All I’m saying is to me personally your point implied that I need to stop repeating my point so apologies for misinterpreting.

I do understand that like and I’ve said each to their own opinion.

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Oh that second game was a nightmare. I had two randoms and the people I picked up were…well…my 8 year old son plays better.
Had the other team not lost a player we would have lost.

I’ve had games where we get slammed. Like 180 to 14 and that’s where you lose a lot of points. Even if you dont go for the hill and hide.

Caps dont matter as much anymore for points. Which I like.

Hit onyx finally