Point Distribution Discussion (Screenshots from S2 to Masters) People Just Need Practice

You’re getting hella sidetracked here. A quitter resulting in 0 losses for everybody would be immediately abused as every party would have a ‘fall guy’ and that’s not even close to a legitimate answer, at all.

You’re talking about lag, and wrap-shots, etc etc… Everybody’s gotta’ deal with that, Dragon… I don’t know why you think that adds anything to this conversation, man. People are dealing with the exact same things as you are it just so happens that some handle it better than others.

You want to take me up on my offer in the original post?.. I’m all for finding players with decent stats that are trapped in the lower tiers. That ultimately would highlight problems with the system, because people with good numbers should be able to move up… I haven’t seen it… Is that just coincidence? Come on now.

100% this. It’s crazy the game thinks I’m supposed to be able to carry players with 6 eliminations in an entire KOTH match.

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  1. quit penalties …I’d rather have a fall guy than lose 1200 points because some kid quit.

  2. I know and I said we always had to deal with it. I was ranting.

3)already posted my stats.

  1. I think I’m starting to see the issue. You cant play with a mix of players. If you are in silver you need to play with silvers till you move out, and the system still needs tweaks.

Just adapt/ s

Ahh, I didn’t realize you were the same person that I was talking to in another thread…

In my honest opinion, your score per minute isn’t even close to high enough to justify you more or less ignoring the objective and this doesn’t even come close to Onyx rank, as you suggested in your other post… but hey, that’s just me.

And no… a system that’s completely cheesed by someone quitting out of the match is not a good answer, at all… Now perhaps being more strict on who you get matched up with? That’s a conversation worth having. I already have to wait a good amount of time to get matched with a game, sometimes upwards of up to 10 minutes… So yea, idk how that would play out. Maybe it’s worth experimenting with.

My stats aren’t the best and I accept I’m maybe only gold or low onyx material worthy at least in my eyes if others think otherwise all good lol.

At the end of the day the system is still flawed but you have to be realistic about where you actually should stand, the stats do back alot up.

I agree with pretty much what you’re saying dude :slight_smile:

But OP, even Ryan admits that the system needs more tuning aka it’s not working as intended aka it is at least somewhat broken, if not fully broken, and they’re going to tune further next season. So we can’t deny that there may be some legitimate people out there that are rightfully frustrated with the current ranking system.

Also, the system’s “mood swings” can be a bit much, especially when you’re gaining but a handful of XP every match(in the 2-3 digits) and then all of a sudden, the system decides to give you negative points in the thousands, destroying all your progress you’ve made in a whole day in an instant, even though you’ve performed the same-ish in every match. If that’s how the system truly is supposed to work, than they need to tune it so that you can only be matched up against a group with a total skill point equal or at least close to your team’s so that the system doesn’t go all berserk on you.

And yes, I’ve seen the video, and I’ve kept myself up to date with Ryan’s thread.


Of course its gonna be lower. I’m a lancer cover guy. I support people best I can. But hey you think I’m lower ok…you realize how many quitters I’ve dealt with? I know my limits, I know I can hang with onyx and have.

I’d really like a legit answer to the expectations thing. Does it adjust for who you are playing against? Would my expectations be lower if I’m facing a diamond vs a silver?

Well of you are higher up in rank your waits are gonna take longer because it’s so thin up there.

Agree to disagree. But the current system where I lose 1200 points because you quit isnt an answer.

I think you’re taking too much liberty with his words. A system needing some more tuning does not translate to “Somewhat broken”… A variable changed here, perhaps this multiplayer is a bit too harsh, etc.

Everyone complaining about broken ranks, has average or in some cases in other threads, absolutely terrible stats… We can also conclude that every rank has hundreds of people that are at their limit. Everyone’s dealing with the exact same system… As I mentioned above, if you have the opinion that losses shouldn’t be so harsh which would translate to everyone leveling up, that’s fine. That’s a view… But to say “This is broken”… No… It’s not broken. Broken means there’s no rhyme or reason. Broken means random. Broken means unable to overcome… Thousands of people are getting along fine…

But again, if you want it to be easier for all, you’re free to think that.

Pretty sure it’s not broken…

The tuning part was about adding further elements into the skill point system… Like downs, clean up kills and so on.

It may not translate specifically to that it’s broken, but it does convey that it needs more work.Even if it’s just a variable as you say, it’s not working as they want it(to me that means broken in some way) and it’s definitely not ready to be used.

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The Elimination stat is giving players a false sense of accomplishment/skill.

I see them claiming far too often that they had a great K/D when that stat is not tracked on a per game basis. I find it hard to believe these players are counting every kill they get manually.

Even on the last stream Ryan said MVP is a bad way to judge performance.

Again, man, I’m just gonna’ respectfully disagree. Good players with decent stats are progressing, and the only guys I’ve seen in the lower tiers are in need of practice in multiple areas. I think it’s good enough, personally. Could it improve, sure. Always can. Not good enough to be used? I personally don’t think so.

That’s cool, we can all have disagreements here.

@o_GH0UL_o, can you find the response Ryan made to you regarding how the rank system isn’t where it needs to be. Having trouble finding it and I was going to quote that as a response to both @Fragmented_Wolf and @iAntique for transparency. Having trouble finding it since there are over a thousands responses in that thread.

It’s going to be funny seeing how ppl will respond if TC replaces eliminations with kills on the scoreboard.

Wouldn’t be surprised if we’ll see the same reaction like we have seen with the Cap/break change.

already asked Ryan in his thread and he said he would love to change Elims to K/D at some time in the future.

it would honestly help players understand how well they’re doing.

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Here’s a quote from after the rank reset concerning low tier versus high tiered players. He specifically stated that an issue needs to be fixed and will be during season 2. Doesn’t pertain specifically to point allocation however, it does show that the system as a whole needs more tuning/fixing even today.

There are a few more instances where he admits that the ranking system isn’t where it needs to be for different reasons, which is why I believe that this ranking system isn’t ready to be put into the game. Personally, I think they should’ve just implemented a more simple system to begin with, and made a sort of beta playlist to test out their more complex system.

Not to mention hellacious 40 second games of guardian… like seriously, nobody is performing to the ■■■■■■■■ made up standards if the leader dies in 40 seconds. Not even the “good” players who win that match, they get pennies on the dollar for a blowout game, and losers get tossed down ranks for being “bad”. Nobody factors in apparently that the lower your rank the poorer the games. And your stats don’t get recalibrated if you’re losing a lot. They still expect you to play like a 10 even if you’re at a 3 all day long. At least recalibrating would stop you from falling so far. P.S. I’m in no less than the top 35% in all 6 specific stats in guardian, and I’m hard stick silver 2. I should at least be high gold or even low onyx. AndI was master tier before the reset. I’m not saying I’m amazing, but no way I should be getting matched with bronzies 4 games in a row and then diamonds the next 3. It’s a completely different caliber of play and coordination.

Thought you might like this story from two games tonight.

I started 5% silver three. Join a pick up game with 4 others. Have a horrible first round( i went negative). Ended up leaving the party because one dude was nothing but insulting everyone. Turn it around amd win the next two. Go from bottom of the group to third. Any longer and i was gonna hit the top. This game bounces me to gold 1. I forget what %

I go find another pug and this is lower in skills. We lose the first one. I have some trash randoms. At the end of the first round one kid has 6 eliminations. 6…its on foundation and he had 6. Anyways they lose a player and we win the next two. I bounce up to gold 2 off of 400 points.

My caps didnt really change… because it doesnt have to anymore. Caps dont count as much. My aggressive playing went up and that helped. But overall I’m still at a loss with things.