Point Distribution Discussion (Screenshots from S2 to Masters) People Just Need Practice

Got out of Silver only Yesterday.
My stats are not excellent, but I am definitely not a baked potato, and I play like 95% of the time solo.

Plus, the devs said themselves that the ranking system was not working properly before the reboot.
They also said that the reboot took credit of your old tier.
So let me tell you that you are wrong, I am sure there is plenty of players like me stuck in Silver although they were Diamond on G4.


I don’t understand how any of what you just said translates to me being wrong?..

You say you play 95% of your matches solo. Alright, that means you’re definitely losing a fair bit. It’s how playing with randoms goes.

I’m aware the devs said ranking was wonky before the reboot. That doesn’t pertain to this conversation though.

Reboot taking notes on what I was previously doesn’t affect me when ranking up this time around… I mean I was placed in S2 for no reason on placing this time as the screenshots show. It means I have more of a grind ahead of me, but oh well. It can be done.

And finally… It took me 28 games to go from S2 to Masters, and that’s dominating nearly every match, getting a stupid high score with more MVP than not and having a few reliable teammates every match… You, in comparison, have won 43 games in KOTH with total randoms with a fair share of losses sprinkled between those 43 wins… I don’t get why you’d expect to be placed higher than that?..

This almost goes back to what @o_GH0UL_o was saying. If you feel like losses shouldn’t have as much impact as they currently do so solo players can progress better, which would lead to everyone increasing in rank… that’s fine… that’s an opinion… but yea, you telling me what you just did followed by that rank… doesn’t seem out of place to me.

Yeah… that’s all well and good, but the TOTAL TEAM SKILL is still broken, which is really the foundation of the system, so it’s not possible to have accurate results.

Example: I am one of those people you are referring to that has been stuck in Silver since the beginning. My total skill points are ~7500. Just yesterday, I played with my friend who is a Diamond Master - 19,500 Skill Points - and my other friend who is Gold 3 with about 11,500 points (I believe).
At the end of the match - which we won - it said that our ‘Total Team Skill’ was 88,500.
Now, I’m not a scientist, but if the 3 of us combine for 38,500 Skill Points that would mean that our other two teammates combined for 50,000 skill points. Since the max is 20,000, this is impossible. Furthermore, even partied up with a Masters player, why in the world would I be matched in a lobby with virtually all Diamond Masters players?

So, if your personal ‘Skill Points’ are based on how you are competing based on the points of the other players and whether your team is favored, and those numbers are inaccurate, then your rank point allocation per match will be inherently inaccurate as well.


I’d have to see it, Lenghty because being totally honest, I’ve never paid too close attention to the team’s total score and then divided it up among my players in the party and my randoms. If it’s off, yea, of course that’s an issue, but I haven’t noticed this because I haven’t paid attention to it.

So, you are ok with the fact you have to rely on a TEAM to get a proper INDIVIDUAL score.
To me, that is acceptable but not on this level.

I am MVP like 80% of the time, 2nd or 3rd something around 10 matches, and I just remember 2-3 times my team was outclassed and outnumbered to the point I was not on top 3 players.

I am not saying I should be Master or even Diamond but I should have gone out of Silver way before than that, if the system was somehow accurate and based on Individual skills like TC is communicating

Gold 3 is much much higher.

Gold 1 starts around 15000 skill points. So you “only” have 5000 skill points for the remaining 10 tiers.

I’ll try to screenshot one when I get on later, but kind of hard to prove without each players’ skill points showing, but should get the gist…

Check it out though next time you’re partied up. If you’re Masters, then you’re probably in the 19K+ range for points - ask your team how many points they have and see if it’s relative to the Total Team Skill.

In my experience, this stat is terribly inaccurate the several times I’ve checked.

EDIT: oops, sorry - meant to reply to @Fragmented_Wolf

Yes, I do think it’s ok / appropriate. You can check out both my opinion and @o_GH0UL_o opinion slightly above but here’s a link that’ll jump you there if you want.

And your personal performance is always going to be affected by your team, dude. I guarantee you’d be playing better if you were in my party compared to playing with randoms… And not just winning / losing, but constantly having backup. People crossing, etc.

You’re playing with randoms. Your stats not reaching their full potential are expected, dude.

They have said skill points are boosted when playing together to account for better team work and communication of that group. They haven’t stated exactly how much of a boost but that does mean your combined total would have been more than 38,500.


I’m sure you’re right - I couldn’t remember my Gold 3 friends total points, but even still… In my example, we are 10k ‘over’ the limit for points / 5 players. Even if those 10k were allocated to my Gold 3 friend, he would be at 21.5k points - still over the 20k.

We got you, Lengthy. Not the number recollection that’s important here, you just believe that you’ve taken the time to add up the pts and they don’t align. I’ll try to pay more attention going forward, man.

KOTH players needs to understand that MVP didn’t mean much when it came to the skill points.
With the new change to the cap/break point system. MVP might actually indicate that you’re doing well towards the skill points.

Another thing that’s a problem is that they hid the kills and death count. So you may believe you’re better than you actually are.

Just take a look at my stats and you would understand I am not MVP in most of the games I played just because of my caps.

Thanks - this would help to fill the gap and answer the question. Do you have the link to the article / stream?

I think this is the real issue. The fact the match leaderboard shows the points awarded historically for actions like killing, downing, marking, etc. doesn’t actually reflect the skill points awarded means players are always going to be scratching their heads when they get MVP but lose skill points. Until they change the UI to give players a better understanding of what actions gain and lose skill points there are always going to be complaints that the ranking is broken. E.g. I think Ryan stated, either in the pod cast or the dev stream, that K-D is just as important, if not more so, than K/D. That won’t be evident in the match leaderboard.

Full potential or not, I am doing the best I can according to the team and the opposition I got.
TC has to understand context is really important, Team Score is rarely accurate and it’s VERY difficult to find friends to play with you on the same level on this game
So personnal perf should really matter more, especially when you carry/damage control a game.

I don’t know what you want to prove, but the system was broken and it still remains inaccurate for some type of players.
Players reported it, devs admitted it.

It’s not just all about “git gud” and the length of your penis …

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A player quits and doesnt come back the game should be forfeit for all players. Nobody loses anything. Simple solution to the quitter issue.

The rest of your op is just a long winded adapt post. I watched the podcast, the system is still not right. Which they admit.

I’m not trying to tell you to just “Git gud”. I’m trying to say that if you go into a team-based game 95% of the time solo, you’re going to lose… That’s literally just the way it is. You’re never going to get around that and then you couple that with the fact that your personal performance does in fact take a hit when playing with bad teammates and you got a recipe to not go very far, man.

Like I said above, if you think losses shouldn’t count as much? That’s a valid view.

Dragon… if you can’t see the immediate problem / abuse that would occur from that, then I don’t even know if I should respond because this isn’t going to go anywhere.

Also, they did not say the system is still broken in the podcast, and furthermore, this thread is meant to show that good players can progress.

This right here. I can against a team of silvers and then a team of onyx and still get the same points.

I’ve played against a few masters and there have been a few times i got my butt handed to me. There was one game I openly admitted this was above my level. God that was ugly.

Yeah…its an adapt thread.
I havent even touched pings, lag and other stupid little things this game does. And trust me I know gears… there is always some measure of bull you have to deal with when playing.

I cant defend against being told you cant slide and shotgun and then be killed by that. Outside of camping. Which then I cant get the ring. I cant defend against someone on my screen wrapping there shotgun around those cubes. ( on asylum by shock frag) to the point his body was facing away and I die. Kill cam showed he was facing me with a shotgun.

Oh I see the problem but I rather stay stuck in silver because of 0 points than staying stuck because someone leaves and I lose 1000 points. Because if I know that I’ll just go hide in a corner or practice till the game is over.

As for playing alone. Well last night had 55 groups looking for a team. 55. Sometimes I’m sitting there for 30 minutes trying to find a group and then more time to find a game. So I just run solo a few times sometimes so im doing something.

You cant fix this. I dknt think tc can fix this aspect either. G4 at the end had this many groups looking for players. The game is just weak.