Point blank shot does nothing apparently?

Okay so can you guys please give me an easy way to post a clip I have…it clearly shows a point blank shot disappearing with zero ping issues as I was at 30 ping and team didn’t rlly have high ping either…

Man I thought this was happening to me a lot, but then I just thought I didn’t see people.

I’d run in a room and see 1 dude and then when I get killed the kill cam shows 3 guys just standing there clear as day and I’m always beside myself. It might be a rendering issue tbh. I’ve noticed this on multiple occasions but just shurgged it off.

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Guys check this out.

Very end. Slow it down if you have to.

like this: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/pinkphantomkait/video/80383306

or this: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/pinkphantomkait/video/80101854

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Yup. Its just shots disappearing. In my clip they disappear and just leave smoke lol.

Well clearly you shot him when he still had spawn protection but then again isn’t spawn protection like 3 ■■■■■■ seconds when you spawn in. Dude should of been bodied…stupid man

Bots do it all the time. bot took my head clean off with an MK rifle he was nowhere near me and without aiming

I replayed that video multiple times to see if I can hear the spawn protection sound … and there wasn’t. And still, by the time he got out of spawn it would have been off anyways . But in that second vid, it did look like you missed your shot :man_shrugging:

No he clearly had spawn protection. I know that sound all to well, but you don’t hear it because usually it happens right at the exact moment when you shoot someone but it activated right after he got bodied. Trying listening it through a speaker . If I can hear it then I know you can. I have ears like a bat

I rub my chainsaw on people all the time and somehow they can sponge that. Meanwhile I just got sniped with an Overkill on Training Grounds about an hour ago by a guy in that country immediately south of the US where internet is oh so stable.

The 98% damage makes absolutely no sense. If a player has 98% damage, should that not down the player the way it used to? :man_shrugging:t2:

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Yes this game clearly favours US players, seing as though Europe and rest of the world have no ping or servers. Losing matches to players that can’t even play the game because they can soak up point blank shots when looking the other way, only for them to turn around and kill me.



The bane of my gears 5 existence

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Yeah I just noticed this. Whoops. Okay…not an example of shot inconsistency but def still a problem with spawns.

I’d like to put this out there because of how frustrated I am right now.
Emile ran, in a straight line and DIDN’T SWAY WHATSOEVER, towards me, I didn’t move, just stood there and waited till the perfect time to headshot them. I shot, and got a 98% and they ended up killing me.
Oh i’ll be deleting this game and re-downloading 4.
Thank you :grin: