Pocketing/ backpacking

I’m thinking when you kill someone you should be allowed to strip them of what they have. not just the weapon they have in hand. so I was just thinking what if for gears 5 instead of just a weapon falling on the floor their whole arsenal falls with them. I know it would be a lot for a console game but. it does not make sense that someone can just die with a weapon and us not be able to get it. that should be the main time we can get that weapon. unless you add a self destruct system like junket from overwatch.

I was thinking if you could hold the lb when youre over someones body and press the dpad to which weapon you want and assign it to the slot on the dpad you would like it to be so for instance.
person dies with boomshot.
it is in their shotgun slot.
you hold lb
press left on dpad to select boomshot
assign boomshot to right dpad by pressing right on d pad

something like that. idk pocketing/ backpacking weapons is a clear flaw in the game.


Its not because the game can’t handle it it’s due to balancing

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I don’t want this because it’ll create imbalance and encourage camping. Imagine one side crossing everyone out, picking up all the lancer ammo, and continuing to cross with no reason to stop.
No thanks.


you don’t make any sense. that’s why you take precautions. you shouldn’t be allowing people to take what is yours. sounds like you are heavy stuck losing.

Lol… you don’t have to get hurt about people not liking your ideas.
Sure, I’m “heavily stuck losing” (whatever that means).

Gears is a fast paced game. I think stockpiling ammo is a bad idea and people will camp all day. We can have different opinions. It’s OK.


actually it’s not as fast paced as you would like it to be. it’s not supposed to be. if it’s fast you’re playing bad people or losing. if you watch the last fight night and you hear about what blaze had to say bout optic not playing fast and adjusting the game to their pace then you would understand. you are supposed to stand your ground and play for your lives. not your life. all of your lives. protect your area. it’s simple geometry.

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Huh? … What he said about Optic has nothing to do with what I’m talking about.
If you want to contrive some narrative that I’m a terrible player, you go ahead and do so. My win/loss average is in the positive. The type of people who invite me to play every day gives me all the confidence I need about my style. The fact that I’M considered to be a strategist (often called a camper) means I run a much slower pace game than the average gears player.

These silly personal attacks aren’t necessary, or accurate, nor are they helping your argument.

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I mostly agree with @Vanda1 . Like if you get Boom but play stupid and die with it while being chased, you should drop it even if you switched weapons.

However, unlimited lancer ammo is not a great thing. That’s probably the only weapon I would be worried about in terms of the balancing. I think starting people off with less lancer ammo, lowering the maximum you can carry or some other balancing mechanism could solve that problem though.

i think a better solution would be if you try to change weapons WHILE being shot, you should still drop said weapon(boom in this instance) instead of dropping your gnasher or whatever i’ve seen lots of players grab the power weapons and backpack them the moment they start getting shot at which is fine but not when the only thing they do is snag a weapon simply so nobody else can

how about the weapon they have in hand drops. but if the boom was on their back you walk up to their body and rip the weapon off their back and it takes longer to pick up? and then if their pistol is on their side you can take that off their side as well after the important weapon. or even better!
walk up to dead body
say if they had a lancer out after shooting a boom swapped out
they backpack
you go up to the body and hold x and it drops their pistol smoke and boom on the floor

This would be fine for pickup weapons only. Currently, the strategy is to pocket a power weapon you own to magically teleport it into nothingless before you die. Would also help your team if you could pick up weapons they pocketed.