Pls nerf the knife

Getting rid of the lock on lunge and making it an extra hit to down should balance it out


yes @N0DEZER0 PLEEEEEAAAAASSEEE… it’s really getting out of control now… .


Its in the works already. They said it in the developer stream yesterday.

They basically said that they started to consider everything, The UI part was the hardest and the thing that will take longest to change.

Inverse omen slider for example.

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So they finally acknowledged they ■■■■■■ up?

I saw the notice yesterday for the stream but skipped it since I’m tired of reading of “certain” issues affecting “some” players.

Are past streams stored somewhere?

01.18 :52 Is when they talk about operation2

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Yeah this game literally has a two piece. I’ve not been affected much by it to be honest but it’s a thing that exists and is used quite a bit according to other players

Thanks for posting that, it turned out that all I had to do was switch to the twitch feed to get the last stream. Watched most of it and although there is no such a thing as “we ■■■■■■ up, apologies and so forth”, their tone is clearly more humble and open to changes a month ago were not even considered.

Bottom line is Gears 5 is coming out of Beta on December with the release of OP2.

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They only need to reduce the speed. That’s legit it. It melees too quickly. And maybe reduce the range slightly.

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The knife is fine, it keeps the gnasher in check. Without the fear of it, the gnasher becomes overpowered. It is the most reliable option you have with a rifle out in a close quarters encounter that sneaks up on you. Drop the lunge from 5 to 4 and it will be fine. Alternatively, the stun can be reduced or the delay between a second melee in vs. Otherwise it is fine.

Wow, so someone has a differing opinion on a subject and you flag it as spam? Super great community you are. The kind any devoloper wants to listen to.


Disagree sadly. It doesn’t keep the gnasher in check, it makes people more apt to 2 point you and then punch you. Or worse, double punch you because the stun length sometimes due to lag is long enough for a second knife.
Best way to describe it is it is a reverse 2 piece, but worse.

Spoken like the perfect poster player for the next generation of gamers - exactly who TC is trying to attract to the game.

Good on you. This game was made for you. Hope you spend a lot of money on the store content, to keep it going.


Octus said that the melee will be nerfed this coming Tuesday on the dev stream yesterday.

Barring any unforeseen issues. So we shouldn’t have to put up with it much longer, thankfully.

Thanks to everyone who complained and gave feedback on it. Without our collective criticism, it’s unlikely anything would have changed.

The power of reads is all you need to counter wallbouncing.

Having a homing melee with very few startup frames that can stun twice is not a necessity, it outclasses the Gnasher. A shotgun.

Imagine a 2D fighter where you can stun lock an opponent with a light attack over and over. Now imagine that the opponent cannot block. They’re a fighter that specializes in zoning, so they go for a ranged attack, but you automatically closed the distance to make that jab connect just by hitting one button.

Does that sound fair and necessary to you?

Also, power weapons are not necessary for the win.


Only time I knife anyone is if they are bouncing around like an idiot thinking they are some MLG Pro. Then when they bounce in close swipe and that I’d satisfying enough but I do agree the knife needs to be addressed.

I detest melee combat in shooters. Melee IMO should only serve to separate players and give a momentary but equal zero-damage stun to each player after which they resume shooting g each other.

Instead people are literally bringing a knife to a gun fight and they are winning.


As much as I have problems with his statement, I do agree that the Gnasher Meta and some strength in CQC is needed since 2-3 Lancer’s that are shooting at you at once is a death sentence and yet the Gnahser feels weaker than ever.

I agree, the knife is horrible in its current state. I was playing against a guy yesterday who used it in every cqc situation. 9 out of 10 times he’d win and he was such a mediocre player. Like one of those who needs to watch tutorials on the internet while still lacking all skill.

You’d be able to train a chimp to play like that guy. Just press the button once or twice, shoot and it’s a garanteed kill. And it’s worse than it ever was in Gears of War 1. There is no point in changing the weapon tuning or the rest if they won’t touch the knife/lunge.

Just take the lunge away but NOTHING else!!

If he wins you… who is the mediocre?
But yeah…nerf the knive…because it hurts.

Are you seriously that dense? The guy would get destroyed in any cqc shotgun fight but with this knife and lunge the opponent will be rendered powerless with the touch of 1 button in almost every cqc situation - it’s basically a lock-on - unless you start doing the same. The melee and lunge was this guy’s crutch.

But I don’t play Gears to melee my opponents, I play Gears to outplay people with movement and the Gnasher.

Ok, an example:

If one of the 2 opponents in this video hit the B button during this fight it would’ve locked on and lunged the knife towards me and I would’ve died.

It’s simply broken and has the potential to ruin all cqc fights if more start abusing it.