Pls bring back glory, relic, mercy, forge blitz, avalanche, old town on g5

Pls bring back these maps guys… If not just few… Theyre gorgeous from g4… I dont see y not… They,dont take that much space… Thank you g5!!!


Isn’t the forge we have now forge blitz?

  1. Decent but I can do with or without it

  2. Good map

  3. Good map

  4. No, we don’t need two of the same map, that was dumb enough on 4.

  5. Fav of the ones you listed

  6. Another good one I don’t mind.

But 4 maps I like better than all of them is Fuel Depot, Slab, Diner and Dawn.

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Diner would be excellent choice !

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Hateeeee diner!!! Love fuel depot though… Good one there… Sigh op 6 is out and they still havent fixed the card crafting system…i just finished daily incon and not getting a single one in my lineup… And tons of dups on maxed out skills… These makers are either dumb for not realizing this or just that money hungry tryna cash in on re rolling objs… Im playing less and less now… Soon probably no more… Good job g5 for willfully ruining such a brilliant game u guys created…

This is never going to happen. Devs are in-capable of doing something awesome. Time has proven that lol

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Well, if it takes them months to just port a map, then…yeah. I truly wonder what they must have changed between 4 and 5 for that excuse to hold even a drop of water.

Dawn was beautiful af. We’ll no doubt see it being added soon. … right?

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Especially when the ports are always exactly the same as they was on 4…

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Hopefully man… got the easiest quint of my life on that map lol when I got given a free Drop, I knew where their team was, instantly turned and shot into the tbow window, did not expect to get all 5 in 1 shot tho lmao was Guardian as well so that round was over in a flash… also they learned their lesson cause whole team went drop next round when I was now leader lol

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The amount of Gears 4 maps in this game is actually the problem, never mind adding more.

Out of all the great maps from previous Gears that haven’t been seen in years too, it’s really boring to see maps like Dam, Forge, Lift, Harbour, Reclaimed and Speyer return.


Anyone of those (G5 Forge is Blitz by the way) would’ve been a good choice, but you know TC works in mysterious ways. Somehow they decided Speyer was the best choice.

Mercy? Really?

Someone does not remember what playing on Mercy was actually like…



I know I do.



You forgot the Mortar in Mercy.

The church in Mercy would make a good 2v2 Gnashers map, but the full map is a total spawn trap nightmare.

I don’t understand peoples obsession with Mercy at all.

Glory is possibly one of the worst maps TC made for Gears of War 4, just no.

Old Town is old news at this point, so again no.

Relic and Avalanche are solid.

But i don’t want anymore remakes especially poor ones that are too big and play badly in 4v4 like Speyer.

Just new fresh maps on the level of Nexus or Regency.

Avalanche would be cool all those other ones you listed idc about … I dont really like g4 that much