Please watch, nail on the head!

This guy nails a lot of gears issues right on the head. I’m sure people are tired of hearing it already but he goes in depth with characters being locked to classes, a HUGE lack of a character roster and other really great topics. Skip ahead to 7:43 though, as the first part is just him recapping gears. Love this game, really!, but it definitely needs fixes. I know that yall at TC love the Geroes idea as you’ve mentioned it in multiple What’s Up Gears articles, but it’s clear to see that the majority of people prefer the system where you pick your class and then your character. I. Mot a huge horde player, I only want this system remade so that multiplayer characters get pumped out wayyy more often as it takes significantly less time to just make a character as opposed to a character tied to a brand new skills set for horde/escape/arcade. I have a strong feeling that yall will never change but I promise itll be better for the game, atleast through the communitie’s eyes.

Thanks TC