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hello gears of war 6 would it come out on xbox one yes or no thank u?

I dont think theres a single chance and I sincerely hope that Gears 6 doesnt come out on the xbox one. Itll only hold back the game’s potential.


Your Xbox is pregnant

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I also think it’s gonna be pretty unlikely. The base One model is now what, eight years old? And the One X, I think five or six. Very unlikely those consoles will still be supported, even the One X would be a stretch.

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Base Xbox one came out in 2013 i believe. Almost 10 years old. Its getting to the point where Devs having to make games on tbese old consoles hold the gamr back.

Coming soon to Atari in 2024!

What do you think?!

Of course not! Jesus! Yes, welcome to the community but for Christ sake don’t hang around if you’re going to continue with this lack of common sense.

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Zero chance it’s out on Xbox One. It’ll be on the new UE5 engine and hopefully Series X/S & PC only.

Making big games compatible on multiple different versions of multiple consoles (I.e. Cyberpunk 2077) sets them up for failure. Too many bugs/crashes and problems occur when you got a game that runs on every version of the PS4/5 & Xbox One/Series X etc…

No. The xbox one generation is over. And after the end of this year, I dont see many modern titles going to last gen. With maybe the exception of indie games that aren’t too demanding. Gears 6 probably won’t come out until holiday 2023 at the earliest. And considering that nothing was said about gears during all the announcements recently, 2024/2025 seems more likely of a timeframe.

It is coming to almost everything trough the XCloud app