Please Tell Me That The Re-Upping Is Glitched?

Hopefully When The Game Fully Comes Out They Add A Emblem Or Change The Numbers Color Like Gears

Octus confirmed that the reup indicator should be shown in more places than it currently is.

Oh Thank You, I Cannot Wait. Did He Say When?

He didn’t, as I think TC is still swamped trying to get the servers to be completely stable and catch up missing progress for people, then the next priority is fixing skill and ping based matchmaking.

It may take TC a while to get to this as it isn’t a crippling bug, just a bit annoying.

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Oh Alright Thxs For Helping Out

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Not a problem!

Does this include fixing stats? I have a lot games not being recognized over the early access weekend.

TC is hoping the stats issue will have progress restored. It will just take a while.