Please teach me how to improve my skill at gears so I can stop accusing everyone who beats me of cheating

This is pathetic its not even worth playing a game and if i back out i get penalties. I just played a game where some one shot me straight through a a wall with a sniper. Do you even check file complaints? This ■■■■ is wack do better police these people hacking the game

If you see this please read :

Please just stop playing the game man. It does nothing but piss you off, its genuinely unhealthy to keep playing something that you constantly rant about. Although, this particular post of yours had legitimacy, my point still stands judging from your countless other posts.


Ah, I’m now seeing @SNAKEYWAKEY389’s point.

You could’ve just edited this post. Unbelievable.

Offline cheating is the next crypto currency. Get on the train peeps

Why do I get the feeling that this guy runs these hack websites. And this is a low key way to advertise.