Please TC! THE PC COMMUNITY needs your help!

The Game is crashing(Gears4). With the newest Nvidia Driver even worse. Please make your work. Contakt Nvidia. Work together on a Fix. Many People can’t stay on the old working drivers. I can’t accept make this or make that. I’m a hard working man and if i can’t play my beloved Game on the weekend i’m getting MAD!!!

Techtest was crashing too. I loved the test, but it’s the same like gears 4. It gets me MAD every time it’s crashing!!!

I’m begging you! Please get your Work right!

Nvidia GTX 1070 Owner.

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Not a single crash on Tech Test. Smooth as butter with brand new NVidia drivers.
GoW4 crashes 2 times per week doesn’t matter the driver version.
Game is horribly optimized for PC architecture.

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I think you should make a billboard in Photoshop with ‘Bad men in TC hurt my feelings’ print and claim it popped in versus game.
You can use other color this time … yellow is well yellow.

My two sentences with sarcastic subtext generated your reply of 10 sentences.

Everything is clear to me now.

Have a nice day and until your next ‘incident’ in game.

P.S. Calling someone toxic and starting reply with ‘Kiddo’ as a form of underage, undereducated and uninformed insult. Doesn’t work like that …


Guys please knock it off.

Feel free to disagree but do it respectfully.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I was perfectly respectful but sarcastic.

He started with toxic comments towards me and TC.

Fair enough but please keep it clean. Thank you.

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Guys please just stop. You were both being disrespectful to each other.

If you can’t play nice just don’t respond to each other.

Thank you.

TC knows the problems exist - as do Nvidia.

Both are said to be actively working on it.

Gears 5 is showing the same issues for some people.

A fix for that group could also mean a fix for 4.

It’s always a waiting game in the PC space.

Temporary fixes are:

1). Old Drivers

2). Upgrade GPU

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You didn’t read my " I can’t accept make this or make that". I’m really pissed about the fixarounds. I’m a plumber, i work hard for my money. I pay my hardoworked money generated through muscle power. I want a working Gears after 2 years! Gears 5 is coming and i see this ■■■■ is coming again… TC FIX IT

Oh dear…he better watch out, you’re getting mad…:scream:

I wouldn’t waste your time being logical in this thread, my friend.

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Fair enough :sweat_smile:

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If you’re annoyed, then go speak to Nvidia rather than rambling here on the forums.

You have your workarounds anyway, so I guess the choice is yours as what to do next.


@GhostofDelta2 control your children

At tech test I turned on Xbox game bar,background recording and I had a HARD FREEZE IN LESS THAN A MINUTE!!!

Old drivers are the same ■■■■.
They crash as well.

I crash after two/three games of social on Gears 4
Tech test was a lot better, I probably logged up around two days playing time and only crashed about four times. I’m not too bothered with that.