Please tc stop killing gow in south america!

TC you ruined Gears of War 4 when you took the option to choose the server where people would like to play.
People have paid for their game, they have the right to choose where they want and how they want to play.
I hope Gears5 will not sell anything at all in Latin America if you continue with this ridiculous policy of excluding people who have a bad internet connection.
Maybe the problem is not our connection but your horrible server.
Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru we have good players here but we do not see an incentive from you here TC

Until when South America will go through this?
Please just let us choose the servers as before.
Gears of War 4 is dying in South America!!!


Im pretty sure alot of NA players are also hoping for exactly this.

Also when did this policy of excluding bad network connections start?
I’ve never noticed it before what with all the games I’ve had ruined by a rubber-banding-shot-eating-600+ping-having lagcomp-warrior.

That’s a policy I can get behind :+1:


This is why the game shouldn’t be region locked

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They’re not excluding bad connections because Mexico players are destroying every match on US servers with their 1996 era connections. I paid $100 for this game and have every right to enjoy the game as much as you do. But your bad connections ruin the match for me so why should I have to tolerate your bad connection when I have a top 1% connection in the USA?

Until they redesign the netcode so that those with high pings no longer sponge while also not causing low pings to teleport that’s a no go. I am only one player of many from around the world with a good connection that disagree with your proposal. If anything they should block out every player with bad connections to any server and have a designated lagfest server for you all.

Oh, and I may be wrong but I feel like I played you in a match before. If it wasn’t you it was someone else with a similar name but you/they were one of the laggiest players I’ve ever seen. You may not have a bad connection locally but there are limitations to the internet. You can’t expect to be allowed to jump into a US server with a 200+ms ping just as I wouldn’t want to be placed onto Asian servers with a 200ms ping. You can’t expect others to accept you ruined their experience just because your country doesn’t support the game. It’s tough luck and it’s frustrating for you but it’s just the truth.


pretty sure TC has no say in where MS deploy Azure servers. they’re not spending that kind of money just to satisfy some angry Gears of War players who argue about ping times.

It’s not just TC, Microsoft has a very curious policy regarding South America: only one server and higher prices. I really don’t get it: the average minimum wage is waaaaaay lower than what you people have up north yet we are charged a lot more? latest example: State of Decay 2 is 30 dollars in the US and 43 in Chile, go figure.

@Liquid xz : the only way of having a chance of finding matches is searching in a group, add me up if you want to. I’m from Chile and play on PC by the way.

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No, you don’t. It’s a global player community and infrastructure, you don’t have any right to choose how and where to play, ignoring the impact your play has on others’ experiences…

This cross region on-demand hopping is TC’s misfired attempt to try and ensure that “everyone” can find a game, regardless where. It seems like they believe that the end (a match) justifies the means. I hope they learned from this experience and see that in the long term they will keep more players if they keep people within their regions.

This game should have min Internet connectivity requirements, and if you don’t meet those, sorry, don’t buy it.


I partly agree, if they cannot find game it means one thing. Most of the population in that region no longer plays gears 4. Ranked musnt have region select just to cater for few players.

Imo for ranked, if you dont have a good connection then they should only play social only.

I had come across two matches where a whole team had over 150-200 ping and im EU. I just feel these players shouldnt even be matchmade with me when there is a clear difference in ping which indicates their from another region


ajajajaja this guys joking right???



People in SA with bad internet have been killing the game for us up North for a long time now. I am in Phoenix and mostly get grouped with people from Mexico, Central, and South America. I have no problem with the people (I have even made friends with many of them) but the game plays just terribly when I’m in a lobby with people who have bad and distant connections.

A lot of these players think they are the only ones at a disadvantage, but try being on my end where I see you disappearing and reappearing in different spots in front of me because the game can’t figure out WTF is going on due to your connection. There was a player from Mexico last night that I frequently flanked and shot point blank several times when they were looking the other way. You could hear the shots on the DB armor and see sparks but the game just would not count damage. I’ve seen stupid stuff from this game but never as bad as it is now.

BTW, I’ve always been supportive of EVERYONE being able to play the game. But, if your internet is not capable of maintaining a fair playing ground for ranked matches, then you should be in social matches only. I do not think ranked play should be as clunky as it is due to bad connections.
And, yea, they MS needs more servers for you folks down there. You guys deserve a good play experience too. Just not at the expense of others.


I’m very aware of S.American internet issues. I was laughing because his defense on sh*t lag . (Make Gears great again)

It was “this ridiculous policy of excluding people who have a bad internet connection” that got me straight triggered. :rofl:
I was hearing him out until I saw that worm in the apple.


Well they could always mstchmake bad connections with other bad connection players regardless of region. That way those players wont be excluded from the game.

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I’ve been preaching that concept for a long time now but I don’t think TC will budge, nor would MS let them if they wanted to. I’d love to see it happen though. Would really help raise the competitive spirit in this community. I’ve met so many guys that used to be hardcore (legit members of Essence, GSQ, and other crews that are all about Gears) who tell me they just hate this game now because of how crappy the connections feel.


Most logical solution to date. Yet!!!??? Nothing done.!?!?

Guys, it will not be any better. This series of games fell into the wrong hands. 17 updates … 17. Correct me if I’m wrong - the game has become better? No. I have not seen so many updates in GoW 1, 2, 3. Even now I play in GOW 3 with backwards compatibility - and where everything is better. And this game still playable. Gears of war 4 - unplayable.
Rang system - joke
Ping information - joke
Screen animation - joke
But - “We will make a new forum, a new three games, and a bunch of packs”.


I think they have made a lot of minor improvements. And, one major one in that they finally relented and gave the fans what they wanted in the newest competitive tuning. That really impressed me.
However, your statement regarding, “Is the game any better”, sadly, it’s not.
I really wish it played as smoothly as it did a year ago. Someone on here once told me I was romanticizing the past but when I look at my DVR, it becomes clear that the game played much better last summer. After that point, it started getting iffy. Lately, it’s just bizarre.

Just everyone is already tired of watching the nonsense on their screens playing the gears of war 4 (multiplayer). This is a whole discussion. I think everyone came to a conclusion.


You mean like this? Lol


No :blush: like this: