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Please TC consider a TRUE RTS!

I believe a true RTS like StarCraft, Warcraft, the old Comand and Conquer games would be more entertaining and more profitable than the direction Gears tactics has been taken. I’ve even talked to some of the RTS streamers I watch and a lot of them were interested in the idea of a Gears RTS, they loved they idea of playing as the Locust or Swarm and building and controlling armies including Brumacks and Berzerkers as well as countless Drones and Boomers. Gears has a huge variety of Cog equipment and Locust/Swarm/Lambent creatures that would work extremely well in top down RTS like StarCraft. You could even have 3 races to play as if you make Lambent their own race since their mechanics would be very different from the Cog and Locust/Swarm.

So PLEASE Coalition, consider making a true Gears RTS experience for us!

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We haven’t seen enough game play yet, so…
I’m sure they’ll do fine.

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Yeah, there’s no chance they’re changing direction at this point.

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As great as that sounds, I would prefer that kind of thing to be outsourced to a team that has made successful RTS games previously. Better to slap a Gears feel on a great RTS game than it is to slap an RTS feel on a Gears game.

Yes yes yes ,I have long wanted a true gears rts ,with the cog,uir,stranded,locusts, lambent,swarm as the factions

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I feel like a XCOM style RTS suits the gears universe to be honest.

Hi all,

Thanks for your passion for the game!

We were excited to share the news at E3. With Gears Tactics, our focus is on building a true Gears PC experience that fans have been asking for.

Stay tuned for more details about the game when we are ready to share them. Thanks!


I am sofa king keen for this.


I see what you did there.

Yeah, I really want to see more, I thought it would be more like Halo Wars but it’s different …

I have to admit, when I first heard about this game, I wasn’t thrilled…

But the idea is growing on me. A lot.

I haven’t played an RTS since the old command and conquer games. A Gears themed one would be so much fun

I started playing XCOM 2 in anticipation.

Heh, same here. Once I get it downloaded at least

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No, I think gears of war makes more sense as a TBS than RTS. Also, Microsoft already has too many first party RTSs (Age, Rise of Nations, Halo Wars) and no TBS.

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