Please TC, bring Ranks and ranked skins back

I feel so unmotivated to play competetive without seeing improvements, also without it I feel like there is no proper mmr, sometimes I play with/versus really good players and sometimes with really bad ones…

The game is not being updated anymore but I think ranks with seasons is an easy thing to implement?

A similar system like League of Legends, give us ranks, for example in Leagues scenario, Bronze to master/grandmaster and for those who wanna be on top of the Ladder, challenger where only a few % of the playerbase would have to compete to be at, so let us chill and climb through ranks before we can focus on top 100 or top 1000. WoW Classic had a similar system where only a specific amount of players could be at highest rank and each season you would have to grind to keep your place or be knocked out by other players getting higher than you.

I want this really badly and I miss the ranked skins and Im very curious as to What everyone else thinks, are you happy with the way it is or are people agreeing with me and my idea?


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TC isnt updating 5 anymore. But in case you didnt get the memo, they left this game months ago. Its DEAD now.


That’s kind of What I said in my thread, also it wasn’t long ago they did a fix to the game, that is also why I suggested this idea as to it doesn’t seem to be very much work to do. And it would also keep the game a bit more alive, one of the reason the game is dead is Because ranked/competetive doesnt have a form of endgame or goal, no motivation to play. Just a bunch of random mmr’d players playing for nothing

To-do list for TC: Reverse it to ranks again, reset it every 2 months
That’s kind of it except for making a top 100/1000 when you get to highest rank, they always used same ranked skins anyways

I agree but they dont have any plans to keep this game alive. They moved on to gears 6.

True but Gears 6 is also estimated to release sometime between 2024-2025 soo might wanna keep their playerbase up and running till it actually releases

I highly doubt they are gonna do something cool like that, they will definitely do a road to gears 6 like how they did with 5.

Either Im missunnderstanding you or i simply dont know What that is but What do you mean, What was the road to gears 5?

Before gears 5 came out, TC put challenges in gears 4 that allowed you to unlock skins for gears 5. Like gilded scion, gilded kait, etc.

I imagine TC will do the same thing when 6 comes out. However, they said numerous times that they will not be doing anything with updating 5 in a beneficial way. But skins for 6? They will definitely do that.

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There seems to be zero motivation from TC to still do something for Gears 5, without any prospect on Gears 6 or any other Gears game. A ‘Road to Gears 6’ makes both sense and no sense. It makes sense as they’ve done it before with Gears 4 and the rewards were decent enough to do it, while it doesn’t make sense because they’ve dropped Gears 5 entirely. Even though Gears 4 became repetitive and therefore kind of boring, they still kept the community engaged with (weekly?) events. They were fun enough to do and it kept you on playing. Now there’s nothing to look forward to in Gears 5. It’s done, so there’s little motivation to keep on going. How odd would it be that if for example Gears 6 would be released in Spring/Summer 2023 (let’s be fair, Gears 6 this year would be too ambitious and most likely start with flaws like Gears 5 had at launch), we suddenly get a message that there’s an update coming after having done nothing in the previous 1.5 to 2 years?

Personally, I’m not even sure if I’d do a ‘Road to…’ event or even bother with Gears 6. Gears 5 has been managed so poorly, the ungraceful ending of the game was sort of a final nail to the coffin to me. How much confidence do you get from a to be released game by company that doesn’t care about its own games? The only real reason you’d be buying it is because you’re so invested in the franchise, not necessarily expecting a good game.