Please take this into consideration

Make the game have more weight and intesity please make gears great again


People saw the video titled “Gears 5 lacks weight and intensity” and haven’t been able to think of a different adjective since. Lol

I’ve seen this exact post many many times with the exact same wording.



It’d help if you’d actually elaborate on what you think is lacking from the games.


Both of these would fix everthing wrong with gears.

Include shots being center like gow 1 was that where the intesity not snap shots with high magnetics pellets, for real feels so fake gears 5 you drop someone way out of range and you survived one shot kills. Then again all games today lowered the one shot kill consistency. Man old days where insane with one shot kills what intense.

People literally cannot think for themselves


If you ask me this is a terrible idea. The horrific tuning we currently have in Versus is TC’s version of “weight” and you’re asking for more? Ludicrous.

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Maybe he is thinking visually instead of mechanically. Modern warfare looked heavy and intense but you still see people slide hopping through the map lol

“Heavy” is a terrible word choice to describe a game’s visual experience, so I certainly hope not.

Modern Warfare. The new one or the original/remastered? I haven’t played the new one but the old ones, especially remastered, were visually fantastic and the attention to detail was remarkable!

We just gotta it take step by step. Whether it’s the Campaign, Horde or Versus, we all have something that we would like to see improved in those areas. Coming to the forums is a good way to express your opinions, but nothing’s gonna get accomplished with these Hit-and-Run threads.

I wish people would just be more clear and concise about what they want from the GOW franchise. It really doesn’t help the developers or community to just throw around vague statements like “Gears 5 trash” or “Make the game have more weight and intensity”.