Please stop force feeding us TC


Yes. My point exactly

(Omen LP) #22

“We have ourselves a homicide…”

(DLCarr17) #23

If you aren’t interested in the packs that ok. Just don’t buy them. I’m sure the Lambent packs will come back around again just like they all do eventually, but TC spreads them out.

(NUBinbound) #24

obligatory onyx guard comment


black steel Onyx Guard

(HayMaker304) #26


Idk why everyone wants the onyx guard lol

Through out the entire Gears Series - they have always seemed to get Rolled on like a bunch of rookies

Delta Squad is where it’s at


Funny thing is, I have no idea what the Onyx Guard even looks like🤣 It just sounds awesome

(HayMaker304) #28

“BlAcK sTeEl AnThOnY CaRmInE wItHoUt LiGhTs”


Yup. That’s kinda what I envisioned :joy:

(NUBinbound) #30

the onyx guards are ■■■ holes too, you can chalk up all of their dialogue to just talking ■■■■ to anyone that isnt an onyx guard

(HayMaker304) #31

like Conor style lol talk mad ■■■■ then get the ■■■■ beat out of you lol

(JBEEZ44) #32

I understand, and i don’t purchase them. I was just saying that TC keeps bringing back the same lame packs, all the while the lambent have yet to make a return.

(NUBinbound) #33

to be fair TC said the lambent wont be back “for a long time” they said the pack was “special” so maybe in a couple months

(xFribbo) #34

The characters have never been playable before, it’s best to rarely bring the back out to keep them special. It’s different with the UIR, we can craft the normal one, TC are just giving us the opportunity to get them if we missed the chance.

I do miss how there was something new every month though, hopefully we get some fresh and new content soon.

(Bleeding Pepper) #35

We still get a new gear pack every month though. September and October 2018 were anomalies (although the Lambent Pack came out on 31 August I think so close enough to Sept!). I think it’s just the quality of the UIR Vanguard pack as well as the Helmetless UIR that’s the issue!

2017 - now that was a busy time! We’d get 2 packs, sometimes even 3 every month plus for a 9 month period a new craftable Legacy character. I did a rough count and there would have been over 60 new characters that year (not including the Black Steel ones). In 2018 we had 31 (including characters from challenges but not including BS skins).

(xFribbo) #36

Good point.

One thing I’d change about the packs to this day since launch is the luchador/wrestler skins, meme characters. Personally I would’ve rather if the time was spent on new characters.

I wish they kept the monthly craftable characters coming with weapon collectors packs.

(DLCarr17) #37

I know what you mean and I’m not saying you arent entitled to your opinion. You are! Im sure you will get another crack at the Lambent but it might be awhile.

Plus a lot of the older packs have become craft able now so the choices for what to being back get more limited.

Itll happen eventually man. I missed Day of the Dead Anya on her first go round and had to wait an entire year for my next chance to get her and for a collector that has every character in the game, (minus TC exclusives and a few Black Steels that evaded me) that was a difficult year. :grin: Felt like my collection had this hole in it I couldnt fill. Lol

(xFribbo) #38

This is how I feel, really want Big Rig Dizzy.


The night before 5’s release?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(BraveHearts GG) #40

I don’t understand why did they stop releasing Series skins, they went up to Series 3 and stopped, I want Ceremonial Gnasher damnit!!!