Please stop force feeding us TC

(JBEEZ44) #1

Please stop force feeding us these lame packs like the helmetless UIR, and drop the lambent packs again PLEASE!!! I beg you TC

(xFribbo) #2

I want fresh content too, hopefully it’s the last time for UIR vanguard.


Uhhhhhh you could just not “buy” them…:open_mouth:
Granted, the UIR does suck

(HayMaker304) #4

I’d like to feral horde packs back myself.


Yes! Those were great! The cards, not the skins…

(JBEEZ44) #6

I don’t. Im talking about bringing the lambent pack back. I’ve seen the UIR pack at least twice in the past couple of months

(HayMaker304) #7


skins were stupid

Epic horde skills were awesome


They should be a permanent option at this point. Gears 4 is essentially gonna end this year anyway


I actually scrapped my Glowies. I have the BS ones, which are basically the same thing

(HayMaker304) #10

That would be awesome honestly.

I don’t understand why they don’t do something like making all the packs available for 800cr and run a featured sale pack for 400cr or even 200cr?

(mendigo2005) #11

I’d like weapons collector… 1,2,3


I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t do something along those lines in the next couple months. There is no reason not to. In fact, it might be good way to keep the player base

(JBEEZ44) #13

Nooooo! I wish there was an option to swap skins, or even just give your extra skins away


Hahaha! Yeah, a trade option would have come in handy several times

(JBEEZ44) #15

As you can tell i have no glowies, but ive been patiently waiting just collecting credits

(HayMaker304) #16

It def would help plus allow people to gain the skins they want/need with minimal involvement from TC


@JBEEZ44 @HayMaker304

I honestly think they should make everything, from skins to cards to characters, available for scrap. Like I said here, and other places, it isn’t going to matter in just a few months

(JBEEZ44) #18

I definitely agree


Ya know, the title reminded me about the “force feeding” in the movie Se7en😂

(HayMaker304) #20

They should make all cards craftable and scrapable.

They should also make all the past feature packs available.