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Please stop defending broken games

I don;t know man, I have been playing every single day since early start and I am yet to encounter anything serious & in case that does not seem possible for you you can check my VODs if you wish, I am not laying.

No need I believe you, just one of the lucky few and hope you don’t have to go through the same headaches that what seems to be about 70% of people are going through. Hope your luck continues man

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It sucks in Canada.

Back in 2011 it was $60
In 2014 it was $70
Now they’re $80, with tax that’s FREAKING $90


Yep, although prices in the states have stayed relatively the same for a base game, the prices have gone higher in other regions, but that’s more to balance the monetary value difference.

60USD ≠ 60CAD

Oh well, we had a good run.

I was buying $60 games in the late 80’s and in the 90’s $60 became standard. Some special games (like SF2 when it debuted on SNES) went for well over $60. So, the cost of entry really hasn’t changed much in decades.

That doesn’t change the fact that Gears 5 has been a flop with the fans and a big complaint is the perception that it’s overtly designed for milking profit. It’s made to look worse when the AAA title of the year (Borderlands) is giving players better looking skins for free in game and never charges for them. There’s even a mission in that game that mocks the greed of modern game devs selling broken games that are heavy in micro transactions.

Besides the initial price of the game, there’s also much to discuss over was the game worth said price. I’ve played games that were so low on content I wouldn’t have paid $10 for them.

I don’t play online and I am a top 20 player from RDR Online. I played RDR online for like 3 years. I barely played this one.

Fallout 4 had so much potential too! That is what is sad. Like I get craves to play it cuz the immersion, that gets broke every time you open a door. lol

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I cried at the end and I didn’t know if I was crying cuz it was such a dark and sad game or cuz I was watching the end of a franchise. :confused:

I bought Falout 4 vr for my rift but I had such a hard time getting it to work on the thing so I just gave up.

Its a cool game. Esp the beginning when you are surviving. The door thing gets old. And its glitchy. The story, I am not a fan of.

Im not a sheep like many here, i didnt buy due to how they didnt bother to fix gears 4 and i knew same thing would start happening to this crap.

How funny boardlerlands is also a broken mess!

I haven’t played B3 cause I refuse to put epics launcher on my pc. #■■■■ the Chinese government

What’s wrong with Borderlands 3? From what I’ve heard most love the game itself they just hate the story. The Twins don’t hold a candle to Handsome Jack.

I have not played it either just what i have read on boarderlands facebook page etc, just full of people complaining. That was also a lucky escape, just seems games can not be released with out bad crashes or bugs these days.

I bought Borderlands 3 because Gears 5 was / is driving me nuts with it’s problems. I don’t know what you played or read, but it’s a very good game, I have not noticed any issues either.

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I think your enjoyment of the game is causing you to ignore or overlook issues, because the game has been called broken and unfinished by a large contingent of people. That being said, the Gears forum is not the proper venue for getting into a meaty discussion about Borderlands, but take my word for it, other people have issues with it.

Nothing like the state Gears 5 is in. Not even close.

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I’ll take MY word for it if I have issues. I’ll happily admit to them too, but my enjoyment of the game comes from it being a lot of fun and NOT having issues to date.

Gears 5 is another level of broken though. It’s annoying too, I played again yesterday, same issues, achievements won’t unlock, high pings, half empty lobbies with the same players doing the same things every game. It gets old fast, so I played Borderlands 3 again :man_shrugging:

F Team Coalition, They need to get off their high horse! They’re fan base made them and they can certainly tear them down!