Please stop defending broken games

Bout time for a USA price increase then, y’all not been paying your fair share for years while they’ve been covering their costs with a UK price hike, $200 a game an no mtx sounds fair to me :stuck_out_tongue:

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I enjoyed chapter 1 and 2 but when I came to chapter 3 I had the idea that the whole thing looked “not finished”. Going from such beautifull scenery to the dull desert wasteland. Ok desert needs to be empty and dull but this looks just ugly to me… If it would have stayed with that, fine. But I played a long time (no pro gamer here) and at the end I had to go BACK to some cosmonaut facility and guess what happens. Glitch, couldn’t enter the facility door anymore. NOthing to do. Looked it up online and there are a bunch of people with the same problem. Reloaded the entire chapter. Dit everything…came up with the last sidemission (the water pump). Guess what…glitch. Couldn’t pick up the cloaking device and the game is just stuck. Can nog go on with the main mission cause it is stuck on the pump… What to do? Try it again a 3th time and hope. Nah I just going to delete this game and try again in 2 years from now when it is finished. I am a loyal xbox guy and have had one from the very start. I always buy gold and have game pass now… I bought all gears of wars and I would rather have paid 60 to have a good game then have this released like this. I’m quite dissapointed. Nobody will read this ranting but I needed to get it of my chest. Have a potato…


The game is not broken haha. The hyperbole…

I’ve played every day since early access and its still awesome. I didnt think I’d still be only playing this game a month after release but I am. Its that much fun!

Early access was complete mess. I feel like by pre-ordering the game I inadvertently agreed to beta test their game for free.

This is very buggy for a Gears game. I don’t remember the other installments having this many issues.

Vanishing weapons from the lockers
The game forgetting to reward you after a match
The various issues with Jack
A good number of perks just flat out don’t work.


Do you have any idea how coding works?

Just because you have yet to initiate a game breaking bug doesn’t mean the code isn’t littered with ways it could break for you, it has done for many people, MANY people, who can’t play it.

THIS IS where those bugs etc should be discussed

Without ignorant hyperbole comments but hey your having fun right so who cares bout anybody else’s problems

Truly, I hope you trigger a bug that makes it impossible for you to ever boot the game again and nobody listens to you or fixes the game, an you buy it again multiple times with new hardware an keep experiencing the same problem :kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes:

Then and only then will you understand others pain


I’m one of the most affected players on PC version. It crashes a lot, no matter which Driver version I use, no matter if I have the most recent BIOS, drivers, Windows, updates, etc. And the worst part is The Coalition and Microsoft is ignoring this

They ignore the form I filled on their Gears5 support website. On Xbox One It crashes too but less often, doesn’t mean that problem doesn’t exist. It means the game wasn’t tested on a wide range of PC configurations, RAM, CPU models, Motherboard, GPU, etc. And specially the issues is more frecuent on Nvidia Pascal cards and I have a GTX 1070.
Nvidia is already aware of this

But Is useless because the problem is present even before Gears 5 was released, specially since Gears of War 4 It crashes, stutters and causes BSOD. Is unnaceptable and there’s no justification. The franchise I adore over the rest and spent thousand hours playing their games and I can’t enjoy It. On PC is worse because the crashes and It seems we’re discriminated, they only care about microtransactions.

I’m also pissed of with Nvidia they don’t be able to fix this.

I remember when TC and Nvidia claimed they fixed Gears of War 4 crashing issues but was a lie, and if you click on that post: Important Update for Nvidia Gears 4 Windows 10 Users
It doesn’t exist anymore. Shameful.


What you said as your first reply to this thread is almost as irrelevant as chicken and surfing

Please fix the eu servers. Every ranked mode is high ping


You obviously have problems on your PC, not deying that, that’s why I became a console player :wink: I have played 100’s of hours Gears 5 on Xbox One X and the game has never crashed. Not once.

How is it irrelevant? People that had months or a year left on live went out and extended their live service. So if you went out and extended your live by 2 years thats anywhere from $80-$120, Now next year when the new gens comes out and some people switch to PS5 or if Microsoft goes the PC route and doesnt charge for live Microsoft has their money now.

I Played on xbox one too and It crashed, so comments like you are useless. Doesn’t mean the problem don’t exist. As I posted above Nvidia already reproduced the issue.

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That dude is awful trying to minimize the problems or I don’t know.

You know, few month ago I’ve been in contact with an Unreal Engine Enginneer from Epic. And I ask him what happened with G4, who still have a problem on PC and running under UE4.
He answer me, anydev who have compatibility problem with their Engine can contact them if they can’t fix it by their own.
So Epic are working with Nvidia, AMD and a lot of developpers who are using UE.

no one from TC, try to contact EPIC dev for trying or even speaking about something wrong with G4 !

TC didnt care… I really think so.

For the 5, they have a sound problem on PC… After one month it’s not fix… Because it’s not a priority !
The subtitles in French, it’s a carnage, a biiiiiig mess, you can read sentences from the ending scene in the ACT 1 !!! and it’s not one subtitles in the entiere game. No it’s every cut scene ! It’s not patched … Because TC dont really care !

And if they really care… They didnt show up !

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What do you mean they extended their live membership? What does it have to do with gears or game pass? I thought if you buy the $2 game pass you get like two months of free live as well as access to gears (and other games for 2 months or w.e).

Regardless if what i said was right or wrong, People aren’t stupid to “extend their live by 2 years” when they have a year left, especially knowing they’re gonna buy ‘new gen consoles’ in the near future. What you said makes no sense

Honest mistakes do happen, not jumping to TC’S defence but if they actually don’t know that they have that option maybe it’s worth contacting them and letting them know, it could be something silly like Rod knows but is too proud to ask or lost favour with a few heads at epic, who knows could be anything but in their position who would refuse epics help with unreal engine, not me lol!! If the team got that msg an reached out themselves could solve alot of problems

Surely it pains some at epic to see what’s happened to gears, it was their baby

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I only found this form:
I’ll fill It and hope they really fix It.

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No its not useless, I offered another experience. Gears 5 doesn’t crash for everyone on Xbox. You seem to get a lot of crashing though.

Basically what happened was if you upgraded your existing gamepass membership to ultimate membership for the 2bucks it upgraded you until your gold sub expired up to 3years, thus anyone who knew this could “pad” out their gold up to 3years, drop the 2bucks and get ultimate til that ends. What reds saying is the last 2years of that may go to waste with a new gen of console. It may not but if it does all that money was spent on gears

It pains me to see gearheads lock horns like this, you are both clearly very passionate about this game, it should be uniting us


The way the deal worked was if you had a year left of live and bought the $1 or $2 gamepass deal your live would be converted to gamepass for the remainder of your live up to 3 years I think.
So people went out and extended their live memberships. Then got the $1 or $2 deal.

I never said people are stupid. I just said Microsoft got their money now. Some people who did this might not stay with Xbox when the new gens come out.


Yep, got close to a year worth of live converted to Gamepass. And depending on the unveiling of Scarlett next E3, I may go full PC since Gamepass is already available on it and MS are releasing all futures games on there too, so imo the point of having an Xbox is becoming less and less relevant.

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