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Please stop defending broken games

It is honestly sad that with a game like this along with so many others that are littered with issues and bugs are being defended. If you have seriously played this game for a week you would have experienced probably over a dozen different bugs in any game mode being campaign or any online mode, that genuinely make the game unplayable. Whether it is soft locks or people in other countries whose ping quite literally prevents them from having any sort of chance of just a playable experience.

This is a AAA title, let me say this again a AAA title, full fledged game that has been promoted more than anything in the past but yet It feels unbelievably rushed and bare bones. So after community outcry we get responses from the developers saying they’re going to add more content and a large patch a month after the release… But why? Why is it now that to get what seems like a full, playable experience you have to wait for an update a month after its release. If I’m paying $60 for a game I don’t want to wait another month to enjoy it.

So to those saying “Stop whining it’ll get better” why should a person in some cases if they bought the whole Xbox bundle that paid $500 have to wait for it to get better. When AAA title hits the shelf and is promoted the way this one was I expect a solid out of box experience instead of one that has 50,000 updates just to get it to its final form.

A lot of people can’t finish the campaign, almost every EU player can’t play online and even if your not EU the hit detection and consistency of weapons no matter the ping still makes online highly unenjoyable. So why am I paying $60 again?

But little tommy over here “But but it’s on game pass so it’s only $1 not just $60” the fact is the option is still there… a lot of people still bought the game for full price and even higher. Being said brings me to the laughable MTX prices, $10 for a skin…a skin… you got a guy over here paying $60 for a AAA game and you’re going to charge him $10 for a skin. Yikes. “But but game pass, $1” then make the damn thing a game pass exclusive and then I might start to understand the pricing.

Us gamers as a whole have been wayyyy to lenient with games now a days, stop defending something that needs months and months even years to reach its best great games are ones that are great out of the box not a year later.


I love people that say this when 90% of people that got this deal went out and EXTENDED their Xbox live for another year or 2 at anywhere from $40 to $60


Although I wholeheartedly agree with you in regards to the Gamepass and the MTs included in Gears5, that battle has been long lost in the industry as a whole. I’m just glad they removed the lootboxes from those that were in 4 and implemented a system that allows you to earn things without having to succumb to the whims of an RNG system.

I know, I know, MTs in full priced games ain’t right. I know that much. But if you think this is bad, wait until Xbox gets behind their Gamepass service 100%, then we’ll see MTs taken to a whole other level imo. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next consoles come with a debit/credit card reader.

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Personally I dont have a problem with MTs if done right. And the reason I say this is because it does help with the rising cost of game development and post launch content without adding season passes and things like that. Every generation saw a rise in price when it came to the games except this one. But like I said it has to be done right. Look at Gears 3. I feel they had very reasonable prices for the extra skins. The problem is the companies saw this and took it up 10 levels and its just scummy now


I just feel that we have gotten lazy and forgot that we’re the ones in a sense that dictate the standard I feel like if we can make a stand now that we can prevent them from being the new standard being that this is the first major title release to hit game pass. If the option to pay full price is there you should get some sort of added bonus or something to where it makes sense. But all this could be pipe dreams.

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You always know how to hook me in :wink:


I know what hits your spot :wink:


but Microsoft doesnt want you to buy the game the’d rather you subscribe to Game pass

Yeah, I honestly preferred how games used to have map packs or how the season passes were structured in its earlier conception as they were more reasonably priced than MTs today. Sure, I know that that system is flawed as it split the community when it came to maps, but at least I was able to pay for everything at a reasonable price.

Today sure, there are good examples of games that done right. They are far between but they do exist. Unfortunately, I don’t see MS implementing a fair store in any of their games anytime soon.

The biggest problems for us as a whole are the whales that these MT’s tend to lure in. If they had more sense then money we wouldnt be where we are today with MTs


But we did try to make a stand, several times in the past. Not just in Gears but in several other games. The argument has existed since the 360/PS3 days but unfortunately due to a few whales and kids with access to mommys’s credit card, we’ve lost that one.

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Yep, see response above.

No game, no developer, no gaming company has an excuse to release broken and money hungry games…

I love the Gears Of War Franchise, stupidly I’ll always play them, like a good ol fan boy. But seriously, GOW4/5 has been so broken it’s insulting. Yet, here I am putting in massive chunks of hours into all the games… Not buying any Iron BTW, I’m not that gullible.
AAA titles, the name says it all… Three A’s, they have a responsibility to the consumer to bring out games that are of a higher standard than most other publishers. TC have dropped the ball twice in a row now, being money hungry and greedy before putting player base as priority.
Now I really enjoyed the campaign and its story, the game does look amazing but this isn’t an exclusive campaign only game. A major component is multiplayer, and there’s your major malfunction. How can a fan base of years of playing Gears Of War be happy with the direction this game has chosen. Mostly now centered on E-Sports and Micro transactions. Insane Iron costs, crazy costs to get skins, ridiculous marks and emotes…
Can we just get back to making games for fun and fans, not entirely for profit and easy ways to exploid people out of money via Micro transactions and silly add ons? I do enjoy this game, but there are some improvements to be made by TC for me to go back to loving the Gears Of War franchise as I did for the first three games…
I apologise for the rant, just my thoughts on the matter… Stay shiny and kill those grubs… In game, not TC…



The game is fun, there will always be haters.

Bigger the dream, the more possibility for error. Gears 5 is one of the best looking games on console right now. Every game has its faults and glitches.

There’s so much variety for online gaming now that it’s more about quick wins and on to the next project. Most people just don’t play one game for 3-4 years anymore. They’ll continue to provide support though which is nice for those that remain. Maybe save your complaints for 12 months time when they actually have to fix things for the player base to stick. For now people will enjoy the game without you.

Gears 3 :fist:


Yeah glitches happen but not to the point where it feels like an open beta or to where others in different countries can’t have an online experience. And yeah the graphics are great but that has nothing to do with the core gameplay ability. I don’t care about the timeline they’re given they put it out there I paid money I expect it to work and to feel complete this doesn’t.

Maybe save your complaints for 12 months time when they actually have to fix things for the player base to stick.

Already highlighted the ignorance in waiting 12 months for a game to be solid no matter the time frame if the game isn’t ready don’t release it, your going to lose more people by releasing a busted game and taking months to iron it out as opposed to waiting a little longer polishing and testing the game then make it available.

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If they do that instead of allowing people to buy games outright to own the license permanently, I have a feeling I won’t bother with Xbox games any more then. Not a fan of these subscription type passes to play games to begin with, and it just screws people who only play few and specific games over too.

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I am Dan and I approve this message.

I have to agree. Let’s use RDR2 as an example. Now the campaign was amazing. It was a great game. But online was not even ready yet. Now when I paid them 100 bucks, I did not give them half the money, but they sold me half a game. Now a YEAR later they are adding content and expect me who has uninstalled the game and moved on to come back. And I will not.

Bethesda is one of the worst offenders. But they all do it. They do not thoroughly test these games. They use us as testers. And I am tired of being a Beta tester for games I pay for.

You wouldn’t buy a brand new car and be ok if the AC didn’t work , or the radio was missing.

Stop settling. Stand up for what you deserve which is much better than these companies are doing. The gaming industry is the only entertainment that can release half finished games and get away with it. Imagine if you had to pay for extra scenes in movies or scenes were missing or the movie just broke in the middle of it. You would not stand for it. But a game gets a pass? Settling only screws yourself out of better things.


BTW, the gaming industry makes more than movies and music combined annually…we deserve better!


I know how you feel, but if E3 this year has taught us anything is that every company wants to get into this whole Netflix with games type of service, with Xbox/MS leading the pack.

And honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if next gen will be Xbox’s last console if Gamepass pans out for them and if they fumble with their console launch like they did this gen. Think about it, they’re adding all their IPs into it day one, it’s available on PC, they’ve already started integrating XBL in some way, shape or form to third party devices (see mobile and Nintendo Switch). It’s not too farfetched of an idea to see that MS will most probably remove itself from the console market and offer gamepass through all other platforms.

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