Please stop complaining about engineer now being optional - it opens up more game possibilities, which is good

I really don’t get those people bemoaning the fact that everyone can now manage their own energy, and engineer class is largely a nice to have - not a requirement anymore.

If you want to play ‘the old way’ you CAN: make your own lobby, setup the rules, get like minded people in there, and play an engineer-centric game of horde. No one is saying you can’t do that.

But it is now possible to do something which wasn’t really possible before - in ADDITION to the above approach, you can now play a character-centric, not a fortification centric game. Leave out the engineer, and focus on the challenge of fighting the game without the countess decoys, sentries, barriers everywhere…

It’s a different type of fun, and a different type of challenge.

As I pointed out in another thread, we did just that. Master, All Fathers, no jack, no engineer, no jd, no marcus, no bleeding or feezing barriers… We had 5 characters, about 5 lockers, something like 4 barriers… And it was fun, and it was tough as F… We made it to 49, where mistakes were made and we wiped… But we wiped not because of lack of engineer fortifications, we wiped because a couple of players make mistakes at critical parts of the wave, and we all know how quickly Master Horde and go to heck, right… (ohh, and we had no forge… but we had 1 tap: so much for 'we need to get a L4 forge before anyone can perk up).

So please… Stop complaining about how ANYONE can now buy themselves a L4 locker…

The energy management has completely changed in OP4. Even if I couldn’t upgrade my own locker, playing as Keegan, I would still not give you all my energy, since me levelling up explosive resupply has far more value to the game than a bunch of MG sentries… Even if they removed the fabricator freedom now, it would NOT go back to “everyone deposit, no perks before wave X” mentality which we were saddled with when the engineers run the show…

And this applies to numerous other characters and their perks too… Perks now are worth more than fortfications… The few fortifications we do want and use, we can now buy outselves…

This is a totally different game… You CAN play it the old way, if you want - sure. But don’t try and rewind the clock and force everyone else to play it only the old way too…




You are largely right. Imo tc hasn’t solved a problem, they have exchanged one problem for another. The problem that was solved was matches without an engineer, and matches where the engineer is an idiot that doesn’t build lockers and support their team. The problem we got instead is people not knowing how to play their class and building stuff they shouldn’t. All in all I think we are better off now, the effect in the end is that more matches than before will turn out well. I have played engineer in matches where dps classes want to cosplay engineer and agree with others it’s annoying but in the end I think people will learn, and until then I just won’t repair the lv4 barriers that break halfway through every round.

Tldr while there are problems we are better off than before.

I’d never even bother with building or maintaining Level 3/4 barriers in Gears 5 unless they are a last resort defense if all else fails against the enemies. They simply go down way too quickly now when they were a viable tool of keeping enemies out in Gears 4(albeit somewhat slow to fix up). At least if anything bigger than a Leech, Juvie or Tracker or tougher than a regular Drone(eg DBs, Elite variants) is knocking on them. They’re simply not worth it compared to Lv 1/2 barriers.

And people should eventually learn that if an engineer is present, they will be better off just letting the engi build for better discounts and fortification bonuses such as Overclock, bonus health/damage, etc. They did in Gears 4, and there would only be some rare cases of high level players being stupid with building, or it’d be low levels not knowing any better. Even in public matchmaking(which had a higher pool of skilled players on high diff matchmaking due to the absence of a lobby browser like we have now). And we have the bonus of being able to kick those types of players if they do not listen to advice or are simply trolling now too.

I go to lobby and host my own game to solve these problems. I want a game where only the engineer builds then I host my own and players join. I cant find a game without an engineer then I host my own game and players join. I find playing with a certain character boring well guess what I host my own game and players co-opperate and don’t pick that character (I don’t do this I was just using it as an example)

Hosting your own games fixes majority of the problems players complain about and I honestly can’t understand why players would join someone elses lobby and expect it to be played their way. Host your own games.


I can’t wait for them to patch these bleeding/stunning barriers. I feel like I’m only in a room for cheaper lockers and repairing stuff now.

Same. Unless it’s a back way into the base that’s also covered by a sentry or 2, I stick with lvl 1-2’s. Unless it’s an area I absolutely want nothing to get through without me knowing it, I do The Box method.

I think the update was good for the game overall. I do feel that engineers need some buffs now that everyone can build. Since the fabricator is now open to all and energy is easier to acquire with taps, I feel engineers could use some improvements like having their own set of perks to purchase during horde.

Shouldn’t that have been active as of now already? I’m not on to test this stuff but it may have been a server side implementation where they toggled these effects off, rather than requiring a full update to be downloaded.

I was just in a room and Lizzie was making all the barriers. I’m pretty sure they were stunning things. Though it was hard to tell with her dropshot and Clayton’s salvo spamming.

This is why we’d need proper testing… but I’m not really bothered to go and do it myself right now.

If the stun still works, which I doubt, it should be fixed immediately.

Thank you very much, I’ve being saying this forever :joy:

The only idiot here is the guy who decided to play with the a random engineer… (And that by no means is directed at anyone :eyes:)

But again, unless its your lobby I can’t stess this enough, you can’t tell some random person on the Internet how they are gonna play their game, regardless of whether they are doing it right or not… :joy:

Guess what they also “fixed”? Lizzie doesn’t appear to receive any Stim from grenades any longer. I have tested it with both frags and Shocks so far but neither would give me any Stim regardless of whether I already had some or was at full health. Needless to say I’m not too happy about that. Nothing required this to be changed when players were just using Agressive(or does it have two g’s?) Armor creatively with grenades to create Stim protection(or build it).

Not a deal breaker for sure, but still annoying.

That’s disappointing.

Not unusual though for TC to break something with a fix.

Hope to jump on later and see that bullets cause bleed tonight. That would be fun for a while.

Well according to a friend of mine Lizzie has a slightly inconvenient way of creating barriers with a bleed effect, assuming that still works… I’ll leave you to finding out yourself though.


Fahz, Keegan, Kait, Clayton and Mac?

This really should be pinned in this forum, and archived.

Class system…
Whinge Bags.
Gears 3 Horde Elitists.

The Class system is just that, a Class system. OP 4 is basically The Coalition saying, we will forget the Class system we created, and instead let the whinge bags have their day. We created each Class to do a specific job in the game, gave them Skill Cards to make them more powerful in that Role.
But, now, because of whinge bags out there, lets cater to them…

Here is an idea, you might like this one. Obviously there are enough people out there complaining about the changes to the Engineer, enough for you to write this. With any luck, The Coalition might read this and think, maybe we made a mistake…

I have complained, and i will complain. I have noticed other out there with the same, sort of the same thoughts as myself. The question is, is there more people complaining about what has happened in OP 4, than there is praising it.

Here is something for you to think about. If you do not want an Engineer in the game, that is fine, but i see no reason why the Fabricator should be opened just because people want to play as an Engineer without being an Engineer. You either want one in the game, or you do not. It is a choice.
OP 4 has taken a very important choice away from the Engineer, and i personally think it should be sorted properly. If the Fabricator needs to be open for non Engineers, then restrict is to level one.

I dont know if this ever worked correxrly, but lizzy’s damage perk does NOT apply to the silverback weapons. I just tested it, and have clips too. Silver back trishot does 375 damage with damage perk at 0, and 375 damage at perk level 10.
But pick up a trishot from the ground and that one does 375*1.5=562 damage, once you max out your perk…

Great job, TC. Put a trishot on the silverback, but make hand held ones 50% more powerful… @TC_MichaelAOS

I never liked how Horde became this annoying micromanaging simulator to begin with, so I’m perfectly happy with the changes (and the upcoming changes)



Spot on. Lots of divcersity in how the game is played now.

the only thing i say is spend your own power do not take from FAB, so keep what you need and add to kitty for engineer if you have one.

I have to tell you it was nice few nights ago no one would build or share a locker, so i was always starving for ammo , so hey i built mine and upgrade just once so i had 2 slots. this also saved time on the engi so he could focus on barriers.

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That’s what I already wrote on a reddit post once. The Engineer is obsolete. In a way obsolete, that he’s actually pointless to use since you can finish off a Horde quicker with 5 damage classes.

The problem I just have with this change is that they made Horde even easier than before, although they allowed more classes to be viable and different setups to work.

They enhanced diversity of characters at the cost of difficulty and that’s what I don’t like. A game with 8 difficulties and even the hardest one isn’t really that hard if you have a few people that are at least decent. Previously you at least had to put a little thought into it at the beginning, now it doesn’t really matter too much how you start off with. We already started implementing our own challenges in OP3 (no JD, no Engi, no Jack, no skill cards, etc.) but all of these “own challenges” we put ourselves into now sort of became a partial standard.