Please revert Control to KotH in coop vs AI

Control can be fun, but not against bots. Play it for 5 minutes and it’s obvious they have no clue what to do in this mode. Most of the time they go anywhere but the control point and the games are nothing more than one person sitting at the point with no combat for 250 sec.

If the bots actually bothered to assault the points it could work, but they almost never do that and even if by some miracle they gain control of a point they don’t understand they have to stay there.

This makes the games super boring and super unfun for whoever has to idle at the point. It’s a fast paced blast when playing against other players, but a horrible experience outside of that context. At least in KotH players can leave the area once it’s capped…

But we don’t want the game to end in Co-Op Vs. AI. It’s a playlist for getting daily objectives done.

You can still do that in KotH just by not capping. I get what you’re saying, but coop vs AI is the least efficient way to achieve any objective outside of the versus objective so it may as well be fun.