Please Remove Time Limit for REwards!


please remove the time limit for Tour of Duty rewards, allow each player to get them at their own timming/pace,
I didn’t get many of previous rewards
just make rewards of operation 3 and beyond, accumulative, I and many other players don’t have so much time to do the challenges each day

op3 rewards look awesome!

thanks for reading :slight_smile:

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Lol, that’s jus not how a scam works :thinking:


But if they removed the time limit there would be no incentive to play the game, because you wouldn’t miss out on things such as recruit Clayton Carmine a fan favourite skin that was highly requested since GowJ.

the incentive to play the game is the game itsalf, is fun, if you like it, you play it, no need for any other incentive

i’m talking about the time limit for the rewards, the tour of duty, if you dont get the reward, is lost forever , and can never get it

there should be no time limit,

I do agree, but if you cared so much about having the rewards, wouldn’t you grind for them anyway?

16 weeks is a long time, and I get people have lives and such, but if you are not going to do it in 16 weeks, I’d question if you were going to do it at all.


Sometimes the unfun grind and blatant padding can be enough to put you off the game, rather than be an incentive to keep playing.

Now imagine if the game is broken and the content lacking and fed through a drip feed…


My reply was sarcasm. And the game isn’t fun

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