Please remove the "Vacuum" effect from chainsaw and mantel kick

I can’t wait for the new Lumberjack simulator, it’s gon’ be lit.

Well in that case they better remove the vacuum effect from the gnasher, frag grenades and pretty much every other weapon in the game, because it happens with them too. Tbh tho, the chainsaw needs it. You make it too underpowered and there’s no point of even using it, just like the gears 2 chainsaw: hit by 1 stray pellet while revving and you get flinched 3 times before you can rev it again. Imagine that the signature weapon of one of the most popular video game series not being used.

Well, you may have a point there…

But I still don’t think it’s something that has to be in PvE modes, for the enemies at least. There’s nothing more annoying than being the Scout and running past a Drone Elite well outside of chainsaw range only to get sucked into it anyway. Pointless and unwarranted death.

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Dude, can’t even joke about that

Seriously? I didn’t see anywhere, not even on Escape streams where X became Reload. Otherwise, I would’ve seen it mentioned already.

Yea this is def something thats been around since gears 1. Also the rolling past a player and you get lagged backwards.

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It wasn’t, I was joking…figured it was obvious.

You’re joking right? What about the ‘‘matchmaking times list’’? Cleary lacking in popularity. Have you ever played an old ■■■ game where everyone still playing it are like family members and ■■■■ lol? That’s not the place you want to be in… Smells like death.

What??? The hell you talkin about man. Just wtf…

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I’m talking about the post the DEVs put out a while back. Mentioning that you basically should only play your game mode in the heavy traffic hours for that game mode. They had specified times for every game mode. To avoid the 10 min. search cancel or whatever. So, how is the game popular? If you can’t even find people to play with, that’s what I meant.

I can find games in less than a minute anytime of day. All depends on location

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You may have a point there, but I meant the series as a whole, not just gears of war 4 lol. You can’t deny gears is one of the bigger of the console titles tho.

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OK, I misread it, but it’s still weird. Buster mctunder says, they have put the B chainsaw on RB.
If meele/chainsawing is on RB, that would mean Reload is on B.

I haven’t heard that anywhere but in this thread.

EDIT: OK I read now, that he was joking. Oof, what a relief. I was already scared. :smiley:

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Chainsaw is holding RB. Melee is B. Reload is pressing RB.

What??? Why???
Why did they change that? That’s such a weird change.

Something to do with alternative firing modes and making it easier to turn character around while revving chainsaw. Anyone who played claw could turn camera around easy. Players who didn’t, might have struggled. You can read about it here:

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Hhhhhmmmmm… It like this change, makes it easier to make use of the right stick when running at people with the chainsaw. Unfortunately, my controller has a dodgy af RB button :confused:

Imagine negotiating your hours of work to accommodate being able to play GOW online during the peak times! :grin:


Lol, split shifts… Fooooor thaaaaa Hoooooorde.

Its gonna be impossible to push people with lancers now that the you can B bash with the lancer… making lancering more effective and powerful… how fanstastic.