Please remove the indicator telling others whose on PC

How difficult what would be? Controlling yourself on mouse at a higher speed than max sensitivity on controller? Or playing on controller at a higher speed than the max 30?

People on m/kb on PC already have been playing at way higher than the max speed on controller, just about everyone on Discord I use to join up with in the early days of Gears 4 did, and played well at obviously way higher speeds than max controller speeds.

Many X1 players since launch complained about the max speeds being too slow, so either one is not that difficult.

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Playing with a mouse as full speed is pretty jarring for most players. While there are a few that can do this I would bet it’s not many. Besides, even then, their movement isn’t as great as a controller.

I’ve said it above and I’ll say it again —- there are advantages and disadvantages to both controller and keyboard. Just depends if you can get good at what your input allows.

I’m not talking about playing at full speed on a mouse, I’m talking about a speed that’s a lot higher than full speed on a controller, big difference. It’s definitely manageable to do, and by many that play seriously on PC. Like I said, most Discord people I partied up with back in 2016-2017, they all played at way higher sensitivity than the equivalent max turning speeds on controller.

The movement thing, I understand what’s being said, but seeing these same PC players, I wouldn’t even know they were on keyboard seeing some of them move and wallbounce.

All I’m saying is, it’s a definite advantage to have the ability to set your sensitivity higher, and if they allow for higher controller sensitivity in comparison to the 30 max in Gears 4, it will bridge the gap more.

It can’t just keep being argued that you have to be better at what you use, when on top of all the innate advantages on mouse already, they handicap your ability to even use higher sensitivities you would need to compete with some of these people, and worse when you can handle it and aren’t allowed.

So all in all, they should atleast allow for higher sensitivity maxes on controller, it would help bridge the gap for good controller players, and allow for slightly more even grounds.


Yeah I totally agree with this. Seems pointless, and gives people and excuse when they lose

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Ya, it’s just another excuse for a loss, but, at the end of the day, it’s not a fair apples to apples comparison because of the advantages/disadvantages.

We’re just at the transitioning stage of all of this (PC/Console Crossplay…)

Probably the console release after Scarlett will be more solidified…

I played a lot of console gears, and have recently moved to PC, I feel like I find a few advantages, such as field of view and the much smaller input delay. When I go back to xbox it feels so slow and jarring.

It’ll feel slow but it’s not giving you much of an advantage. Your eyes just prefer the higher quality.

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Whaaaaaa? LMAO. Now lower input delay isn’t much of an advantage? Now you trippin’.

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I meant the FPS.

Lower input delay will give a slight advantage but don’t act like those 3 frames will make or break you.

Put it this way, 2 pro players on controller that are as even in skill as possible, place one on PC, one on X1. The one on PC has v-sync off, which gives the most impact on lowering input delay, and let them duel it out. You’ll see the one on PC winning more consistently, talking controller vs controller, not even gonna bring the mouse into the equation.

Input delay is definitely a big deal, that’s why pro players are always going for the best monitors with highest refresh rates and lowest response times. It’s also why you’ll see them turning their visual settings down a lot to get higher frames, which also lowers the latency, giving even less input delay.

I do think newer consoles are trying to work on something to get away from v-sync, because it’s something they’ve been aware of for a while now with competitive games. The advantage of lower input delay is real though, even Octus in one of the last dev streams mentions that everyone should get a 1ms monitor, because it’s a game changer.


I am not denying that. But in the majority of situations the input delay will not make or break you.

Even console gamers can hook up to monitors. Whether they choose to or not is their choice.

Crossplay toggle is a fair compromise. But if you toggle it on there’s no need to scream “hey this guys on PC!”. Just have one view as we do now and don’t place any icons so people stop assuming everyone who beats them is cheating just because of a PC icon. That’s all I’m really asking for. Truthfully, considering the misinformation and idiotic comments by those who do get whooped by PC I’d say removing the icon would be the best bet. The less reasons to be toxic the better.

(Yes I realize they’ll just be toxic in another way but there’s zero reason to make platform choice one of them)

Yea, like I said before, I rather it just show a mouse icon if someone is using a mouse, then they could remove the PC icon and only use that. You could choose your peripheral in options, and it lock you into that peripheral in-game. So that way you can’t start with controller, then switch back to mouse mid-game.

It could be enforced through a server side lock on the players sensitivities so nothing goes beyond max boundaries of a controller, to stop any type of hack to trick the game into thinking mouse users are on controller.

Then just use the mouse icon universally for X1 or PC players that use m/kb, since it’s supported on X1 also.


I’m all for this. :heart:

mouse and keyboard will always have an advantage over a controller

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Again, it depends on if you prefer movement or precision aim. Anyone who denies this as the case with Gears is basing their opinions on FPS games while refusing to admit Gears is different.

But that doesn’t matter. The point of this thread wasn’t to discuss advantages. It was to have them consider removing the PC icon to end that toxicity. If you enable crossplay you’re accepting PC players into your match so the icon isn’t necessary.

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my point is that console players need to know when they are facing PC opponents, they deserve to know when they will likely be at a disadvantage

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If you’re playing on a controller, then I 100% agree. Personally I don’t think mouse is an advantage in this game at all, which is why I choose controller despite playing on PC, but console players will always find a way to excuse their loss.

All I can say is, if I bodied you with a controller on PC and you’re saying it was because of my refresh rate… you need to get good lol.


i disagree bro.

I know there is big PC population use controller.

There is good PC population with extra millisecond advantage of superior hardware to Xbox.

Also, there are PC aimbots with aim assists … small %

This exists for Xbox too.

My TV has very, very low levels of input lag and I’m sure eSports Console monitors do too.

Plus, you’re over the Internet anyway.