Please remove the indicator telling others whose on PC

See above.

If it’s you? Nothing. I know you use controller.

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That’s not the point.

There is always a way to get around this, lol.

I wonder how Fortnite does it, if they block mouse usage once you start with controller.

Regardless, that’s what they can do, block the mouse usage on the players side, and they can also server-side block the player’s character from turning faster than max speed on a controller as an extra safeguard to fight off any hacks that allow players to use mouse as controller.

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Not sure what kind of answer you’re looking for, Envii. If some random PC player downs me with a rifle, they down me with a rifle. I play with Crossplay toggled on, currently. I don’t have an issue with facing a KB/M player, but I do think it’s good that the game lets me know there’s the potential of facing one so I can change how I play a bit.

That’s the whole point.

People see the PC icon.

Get lancered, sniped or whatever -

Then get toxic because they think everyone is running M&K and that it has given you magic powers.

So you initially said you like to see the PC icon because then it prepares you for the “more accurate aim” or implying that it auto means the person has some supernatural aim ability.

But you don’t actually know what the person is using.

This community is toxic whether the game shows the icon or doesn’t.

Yes, facing PC players leaves open the possibility of playing against KB/M players, who do have an advantage when using precision weapons. Yes, this is going to alter how I play and which weapons I’m going to prioritize picking up.

There’s nothing supernatural about it. KB/M has an advantage when it comes to precision weapons in this game. That is a fact. Admitting that advantage exists doesn’t mean I believe the ability is supernatural. It is what it is.

You’re right, which is why I start out the match under the assumption it’s KB/M and play accordingly, which is why I like the PC icon. But I don’t get upset at a PC player for beating me. After all, I’ve made the choice to have crossplay on.


But creating animosity between the playerbases doesn’t help anyone and only causes more people to turn off Crossplay on superstitions and false beliefs.

The access to the advantage is there,

Simply being a PC player on M&K does not auto give you an advantage - you still have to aim and shoot.

Not all PC players can make use of the advantage so it’s only there for the player who can.

This is again, the whole point.

I could have amazing aim, on controller, someone on console think I’m cheating / M&K and then turn off Crossplay or get toxic over it and then it’s the PC players that get affected.


With strict matchmaking in KOTH - it goes off Skill Rating anyway and with a big playerbase coming in Gears 5 - you are matched on similar skill.

So the “advantage” isn’t always there if the player is of similar skill.

I’m not going to go all out for Sniper if there’s a Dropshot - even if there’s 5 PC players.

It’s a valid strategy if you feel that way, but I don’t believe that a M&K player is that much more unstoppable if I don’t get a precision rifle instead.

There are always strategies and ways to counter any type of player and playstyle or if you don’t prioritise certain weapons.

So a PC player getting a weapon is not game over …

The player has to still have the skill, aim and ability to use that advantage.

M&K is there for me to use, I choose not to.

Like many others.

The advantage isn’t absolute nor is it that significant. It exists, but it isn’t going to make you Bronze to Onyx.

I’ve hit 40+ sniper headshots in a single match, all on controller. Doesn’t mean only a M&K can do it.

I’m talking in general,

With the Icon, you just don’t know and many people will convince themselves that PC players are Cheaters or only playing good because of M&K or whatever else they can imagine.

As stated previously,

A good solution is to switch to a M&K or Controller symbol for players.

Also, matchmaking based on this would be ideal.

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I think you’ve made some good points. It does seem like we agree that an M&K or Controller symbol would be more useful than what’s currently implemented. And matchmaking based on input would be a welcome addition.

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Agreed, I understand your viewpoint and it’s totally valid so this implementation would definitely be a positive.

Other games have done it successfully and future games have also committed to implementing it.


They should have indicators for who is in a squad that way people can see who has the extreme advantage over others

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They should tell me exactly how many kills each player will get and which team will win before the match.

That way, I can see who has the extreme advantage and whether or not I will play the match.


A lot of people dont like playing with pc players

seeing the pc icon tells people “be vigilant, this person has an advantage”, console players need that warning if they keep cross play

Yea, unless the PC player is on a controller. It’d make much more sense to show a mouse icon when that player is actually playing with one.

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That’s a load of nonsense. The sooner you admit this to yourself the sooner you’ll learn that it’s not.

I have played Gears 4 since launch on XBOX until about 3 weeks or so ago. I had no issues with PC players then and I have no issues now. There isn’t this “magical” advantage that you speak of. This isn’t a FPS where it’s all about aim but rather movement matters just as much. If you got beat by a PC player it was simply because they’re a better player - not because of their input.

Side note, why do I even get messages from stupid people telling me to get off PC and play on a weak ■■■ XBOX One X? After all, they can disable cross-play but instead they choose to enable it and act like cry babies.

I always found it funny when you pop off and play like a monster it’s “because you’re on PC” then as soon as you underperform/lose as a PC player you’re suddenly trash because you didn’t wipe the floor with them, like you supposedly should have.

Like make up your minds. Are we gods or are we trash?

Anyways, back to OP I do kind of dislike the indicator too, I’d like to be able to just play and not be prejudged one way or another but I guess I need an Xbox to be able to do that.


One thing I have to say on the advantage topic, there is one big advantage. If a PC player can handle extremely high sensitivities, a great Xbox controller player is at a big disadvantage. The fact that they’re stuck at 30 in-game sensitivity, and it’s been mentioned that Gears 4 has one of the slowest max sensitivities of a Gears game, puts them at a biiiig disadvantage.

Seeing that Gears 5 will support m/kb, hopefully they also up the max sensitivities on controller, so people that can handle it aren’t at such a disadvantage. No matter how you look at it, that is always gonna be an issue otherwise.

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You’d be extremely hard pressed to find anyone who can do that though, lol.

I see where you’re coming from though but I don’t see it as a reason to consider them as having an advantage given how difficult it would be anyway

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