Please remove the indicator telling others whose on PC

Gears 5 needs to do away with the PC icon because it’s nothing more than an icon that causes players to make excuses as to why they were beat. I can’t tell you how many messages I’ve gotten from players complaining and telling me that I am a terrible PC player and that I’d have gotten whooped on console. Little do they know up until 3 weeks ago I was an XBOX One X gamer using the same input I am not; an Elite controller without the paddles.

I understand you want to have a crossplay toggle which is fine. But don’t single out who is on which platform with an icon because it splits the community and becomes more toxic. There is no need for this.


I do understand what you are saying but PC players do have an advantage over xbox players in Gears. PC players have a wider FOV and can move and react faster because they are using a mouse. However, I don’t care if I play against PC players because it will only make me a better console player because I can learn to react faster. I am not saying that all PC players are good because of their advantages because I have steam rolled a good amount of PC players. I personally don’t mind seeing the PC logo next to players who are on PC but it wouldn’t really matter to me if in Gears 5 they remove the logo or not.


I get that.

As I said I came from the XBOX One X and was just as good there as I am now on PC. The wider FoV is definitely a nice feature but in the end ones awareness is most important and you can have that on both platforms.

I am not against allowing players to toggle crossplay on and off. As a community we don’t need to single anyone out with an icon though because lets face it there are a lot of players out there who can’t handle that they lost and will use that excuse every time. Yesterday I got a message telling me to stop being a noob PC gamer and if I got an Xbox I would have gotten wrecked. Little did he know I was an XBOX gamer beforehand and would have indeed destroyed him just as badly as I did on PC. Also, as far as KB&M vs Controller, the advantages aren’t really one sided. I have tried using both and find that precision weapons are easier with a KB&M while movement is better with a controller. Depending on the type of player that you are you can choose your input. With XBOX introducing support for KB&M into their games you’ll be seeing these “advantages (not really)” on console too.

All I am saying is we don’t need anything that divides the community more than it has to.


Yea, just reinstalled the game a week ago, after not playing for nearly a year. So my Xbox Live Reputation was a nice clean slate. After like 3 days of playing, I decided to check on it, I only had 2 “Cheater” reports, which I found acceptable compared to how things usually go.

The other night some idiot on the other team msg’d me after the match “Nice mods… Trash!”. A little later I decided to check on my Reputation again, expecting he prolly put a report in, and I was sitting at 59 “Cheater” reports suddenly.

It’s such a joke. Especially considering I play solely on a Razer Wildcat X1 controller, and solely Social Quickplay. I’m not even great, I can get MVP and do good in matches, but I’m not some wallbounce god destroying everyone. The only reason I get reported is because people see the PC icon, it’s very annoying.

I know they said they recently changed the Reputation system so you can’t automatically fall into the “Needs work” or “Avoid Me” status where you are in a different queue for matchmaking, but it’s still very annoying and I don’t know all the details about how it works. I really don’t want to suddenly not be able to play Gears 5 because someone or someone and their friends list spam report me just for being a PC player. It’s very lame.

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Reputation no longer has an effect on you being able to play or not.

Microsoft got rid of that as people were getting banned from playing by far too many malicious reports.

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Yea, I saw mention of it, but I never saw any article that gave full detail of it. They just said it’d take something more serious to get you banned or whatever. I still think they need to just get rid of the whole reputation system altogether. For over a decade it hasn’t been used as intended. It’s always been poorly implemented.

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Basically, no one can just file a report and have you out of matchmaking.

That’s the important part :+1:


and im here to tell you many players use the same FOV and use a controller on PC.

its the same old story of making excuses to justify why you lose. no different than the xbox player who thinks 99% of PC users have aimbots.


Yea, you’re right, that is the most important part. I’m very happy about that.

Yup, 72+ hours in VS, all on controller, originally for a few months on a PS4 controller, but most on the Razer Wildcat X1 controller.

I also leave the FOV at the default of 80. The one time way back that I tried changing it, I didn’t like the way it looked. It pushes your character forward and shrinks them. It made blindfire aiming with the gnasher awkward for me, and I much rather my character larger onscreen, it has more of an arcadey feel that I prefer.


I’ve never been bothered by knowing there were pc players in my match, heck once I get a new gpu I’ll be making the switch to pc end of this year. But I do agree it’s creates toxic energy and I’m not here for that so I agree with removing it.

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I like the indicator. PC players do have an advantage and the icon lets me know I need to be especially mindful that there’s someone in the lobby whose rifle might be a little more accurate than most.

People will always make excuses.


But not every PC player is using KB/M. And even so, I never had issues with these players when I played on Console. I held a D3 rank as a console player with crossplay turned on so it’s not like their advantage is really that large.

The point is you don’t need to point out that a player is on PC because it makes so many blame us for cheating. They also claim were terrible. Look at this message I got the other day, lol.

By the way, I’m using an Elite controller so he was beat down simply because he wasn’t very good.

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So if I rifle you down via controller you will see the PC icon and think what?

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Yeah, I know. Some are and some aren’t.

It’s not about having any issues. It’s recognizing the fact that if they are using KB/M, they are going to have an advantage using a precision weapon. Knowing that they’re on PC gives me a heads up. That’s all.

I’ve had people submit 37 complaints of me cheating in the last six months. People make excuses for getting beat all the time. Can’t let it bother you. You know you’re a good player. ■■■■ what others think.

How would you feel if the PC icon went away and was replaced with an icon to let others know someone is using KB/M? I would be okay with that type of change

I’d be okay with that type of change because console will also have the ability to do so. I don’t think it’s necessary because you should quickly realize who’s good with what weapons 30 seconds into a match though.

But anything that doesn’t scream which platform ones on is fine by me. The problem with your idea is that I can be using a controller and than switch to KB/M just by touching it and than back to controller. Realistically, players should just learn what a player can do and adapt to it. The same thing goes for lag - when you realize it’s laggy, even though it’s BS, you pull out Lancers.

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That would make way more sense. If they were to do that, they might as well go ahead and set matchmaking up like Fortnite and the new Modern Warfare. Have KB/M matchmake with KB/M, controller with controller, and mixed squads with mixed squads.

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Somewhat agree, but if I see a PC icon, I’m more likely to fight for a sniper/embar at the start of a match than I normally would be.

Fair point.

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As I mentioned above I like the idea but it’s impossible to implement. On PC, I can use my controller and in a second put it down and use my KB/M and then switch back when I want.

Gears isn’t a game that has a major input advantage. Movement is best for controller and precision aim for controller. It evens out so just remove any icons and treat everyone the same. If someone doesn’t want to play against M/KB then just turn off crossplay. It’s really that simple

Wonder if there’s a way TC could implement this and block people from switching to KB/M in controller lobbies?

You can actually disable certain keys once loaded in game and chosen controller.

This would work really well for PC players who play on controller.